enter into the spirit (of something)

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enter into the spirit (of something)

To show one's interest in enjoying a social event by actively participating in its activities, dressing appropriately, etc. I specifically wore red and green to enter into the spirt of Christmas. Come on, dance with us! Enter into the spirit!
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enter into the spirit

join wholeheartedly in an event.
1994 Jonathan Coe What a Carve Up! His sarcasm was mischievous rather than icy, so I tried to enter into the spirit.
See also: enter, spirit

get/enter into the ˈspirit of something

take part in an activity or event with enthusiasm: Every year he gets into the spirit of Christmas by decorating his whole house with coloured lights.The party went well because everyone entered into the spirit of things.
See also: enter, get, of, something, spirit
References in classic literature ?
I soon discovered that both of them were perfect strangers to the rest of the company, and had never seen or heard of them before; and I had a whisper from a ghost who shall be nameless, "that these commentators always kept in the most distant quarters from their principals, in the lower world, through a consciousness of shame and guilt, because they had so horribly misrepresented the meaning of those authors to posterity." I introduced Didymus and Eustathius to Homer, and prevailed on him to treat them better than perhaps they deserved, for he soon found they wanted a genius to enter into the spirit of a poet.
Catherine spoke with a kind of dreary triumph: she seemed to have made up her mind to enter into the spirit of her future family, and draw pleasure from the griefs of her enemies.
Then, at their request, we became `serious,' resolving to humor them and to enter into the spirit of the game.
'No sir, I am not an admiral,' returned Van Tromp, who now began to grow nettled and enter into the spirit of the interview.
"I'm afraid some one else has fed me most of my life," she laughed, trying bravely to enter into the spirit of his quizzing, though I could see a terror dawning and growing in her eyes as she watched Wolf Larsen.
Pope did not know enough Greek to enter into the spirit of it, and he worked mostly from translation.
Haley's horse, which was a white one, and very fleet and spirited, appeared to enter into the spirit of the scene with great gusto; and having for his coursing ground a lawn of nearly half a mile in extent, gently sloping down on every side into indefinite woodland, he appeared to take infinite delight in seeing how near he could allow his pursuers to approach him, and then, when within a hand's breadth, whisk off with a start and a snort, like a mischievous beast as he was and career far down into some alley of the wood-lot.
And, to enter into the spirit of the occasion, guests can enjoy a taste of Moose - which is a hand-crafted spirit made in the Austrian Alps.
enter into the spirit of the "Art and Architecture" concept, "Kunst am Bau".
What was interesting, though, was the enthusiasm of the guests, who were very keen to enter into the spirit of the event, dissecting each course with every flavour match.
Kevin 'SpongeBob SquarePants' Tate, left, and Henry Suddes and Neville Lishman, far left, enter into the spirit of Guisborough DMC's Fancy Dress Trial JOHN WATSON
TRANMERE hope fans will enter into the spirit of a "retro day" theme for the FA Cup fourth qualifying round tie against Lincoln City at Prenton Park on Saturday.
Visitors who enter into the spirit of things and decorate their cars in pink will get a discount, with a donation going to the charity.
I like all of his movies to be fair"), but also a Q&A in which Gary Haynes failed to enter into the spirit of things.