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enter in(to) (something)

1. To move into something. Once you enter into the parking garage, turn left.
2. To agree to something, such as a contract. It is common law that those who enter into a written agreement must adhere to the terms contained therein.
3. To sign up or enlist for something. I'm a pretty good singer, so I'm definitely entering in the talent show this year.
4. To sign someone else up for something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "enter" and "in(to)." I'm definitely entering Sasha into the talent show this year. She may be shy, but she's a great singer.
5. To submit something into something else, such as a competition. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "enter" and "in(to)." Your short story is fantastic! You really ought to enter it in the writing competition this year. I'm entering my painting into an art contest.
6. To become a part of or factor in something. Once my uncle's shortcomings entered into the dinner conversation, I knew that a fight was inevitable. If Mom and Dad think that alcohol will enter into the equation, they definitely won't let you go to that party.
7. To join or begin to participate in something. Did you hear that Jody is entering into med school in the fall? The two countries have finally entered into treaty negotiations after two years of conflict.
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enter into something

1. . Lit. to get into something. She entered into the house and immediately went to work. As the people entered into the cathedral, they became quiet.
2. Fig. to join in something; to participate in something. I couldn't get him to enter into the spirit of the party. She just loves to enter into things and have a good time with people.
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enter into

1. Participate in, take an active role or interest in, as in We had to think twice before we entered into these negotiations. [Late 1700s]
2. Become party to (a contract), bind oneself, as in The nations entered into a new agreement. [First half of 1500s]
3. Become a component, form a part of, as in Finances soon entered into the discussion. [Early 1700s]
4. Also, go into. Consider, investigate, as in The report entered into the effect of high interest rates, or Let's not go into that. [Mid-1500s]
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enter into

1. To participate or take an active interest in something: After college, she entered into politics. The union and management have decided to enter into negotiations in order to settle the strike.
2. To enroll or register someone or something in some activity: I'm going to enter my dog into the competition.
3. To become party to a contract: The nations entered into a trade agreement.
4. To become a part of something: Financial matters entered into the discussion.
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The offer which was made by the prospective buyer to enter into a contact for Jacobson's home was at best an agreement to agree.
If the value of the goods and services to the tenant did not at least approximate such rental, why would the tenant have agreed to enter into the sublease barter transaction?
As an alternative, such broker could also enter into an agreement with his customer that either the customer will not enter into a bartering agreement with a tenant unless such tenant agrees to pay a commission to the broker or the customer will pay the commission to the broker if the tenant will not.
The taxpayer and the EAT enter into agreements or arrangements relating to the purchase or sale of the property, including puts and calls at fixed or formula prices, effective for a period not in excess of 185 days from the date the property is acquired by the EAT.
The taxpayer and the EAT enter into agreements or arrangements providing that any variation in the value of a relinquished property from the estimated value on the date of the EAT's receipt of the property be taken into account on the EAT's disposition of the relinquished property through the taxpayer's advance of funds to, or receipt of funds from, the EAT.
The legislation authorizes the Department of Revenue Services to enter into managed self-audit agreements and managed compliance agreements.
Texas's program authorizes the comptroller and taxpayer to enter into an agreement that allows a taxpayer to conduct a managed self-audit to determine its sales and use tax liability for specified transactions occurring during a specific time period.
* Entry into force: The treaties will enter into force on the date instruments of ratification are exchanged.
501(c) (3) organization may enter into a management contract with a private party that gives that party authority to conduct activities on the exempt organization's behalf and direct the use of its assets, provided the organization retains ultimate authority over the assets and activities being managed and the contract's terms and conditions are reasonable (including reasonable compensation and a reasonable term).
A taxpayer may enter into a hedging transaction to reduce the risk of price changes related to an asset that the taxpayer intends to purchase in the future, or to hedge the risk of interest rate fluctuations relating to debt that the taxpayer anticipates issuing in the future.
partner's best interests to file the statement with the Service that the TMP cannot enter into a settlement agreement for that partner, particularly ff the TMP has substantially conflicting interests.
The taxpayer's customers could also enter into contracts ranging from one to five years to continue maintenance.