enter (one's) head

(redirected from enter his head)

enter (one's) head

To be thought of by one. Take time to form your response to the interviewer—don't just blurt out the first thing that enters your head.
See also: enter, head

enter someone's head

occur to someone (usually used in the negative).
See also: enter, head

enter somebody’s ˈhead

be thought of by somebody; occur to somebody: It never even entered my head that we might not win.
See also: enter, head
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Had he lost his leg to infection, maybe some sense would enter his head ...
BRADLEY WIGGINS finally allowed thoughts of winning the Tour de France to enter his head yesterday.
You can get stick at any ground at any time so I don't think it'll enter his head.
The one-point win puts Ireland top of the table with Scotland up next in a fortnight in Edinburgh, but try hero O'Driscoll is refusing to allow Slam thoughts to enter his head.
-STEVE Strange talking about Big Brother's Anthony: "Gayness won't enter his head." No wonder Craig keeps crying.
The Dutch international, who made his 61st appearance for his country against England in midweek, lines up for Fulham opposite the eccentric Fabien Barthez with thoughts of what might have been sure to enter his head.