enter (one's) head

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enter (one's) head

To be thought of by one. Take time to form your response to the interviewer—don't just blurt out the first thing that enters your head.
See also: enter, head

enter someone's head

occur to someone (usually used in the negative).
See also: enter, head

enter somebody’s ˈhead

be thought of by somebody; occur to somebody: It never even entered my head that we might not win.
See also: enter, head
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HOW TO ENTER Head to the website www.regionalbusinessawards.co.uk to complete your entry form The deadline for entries is Friday, February 15.
The police chief in light of the inquiry report suspended Sub Inspector Sarwar, Enter Head Constable Phool Nawaz and Head Constable Mushtaq with immediate effect.
With his game-management and experience he will surely enter head coach Scott Morgan's thinking for Saturday's home match with Henley.
Are there cross-domain relationships between children's language, literacy, math, and social-emotional skills?; and (5) What child/family and Head Start characteristics relate to children's development at the end of Head Start and the gains they make from the time they enter Head Start through the spring of kindergarten?
I'm especially pleased that connections have decided to enter Head Iton Jordan as she ran-up to Trixie Roxholme Girl in last year's TV Trophy final.
They enter Head Start knowing zero letters and by the end of the year they learn one or two letters.