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"Due to the threats of direct over-fishing of sharks and rays, and 'bycatch' (accidental catching while fishing for other species), the issue of entanglement has perhaps gone a little under the radar," co-author professor Brendan Godley, said.
Our study was the first to use Twitter to gather such data, and our results from the social media site revealed entanglements of species and in places not recorded in the academic papers," he added.
"So, we know fishermen want to make sure entanglements stop as well."
These are particularly stunning results as any interaction of one of the entangled components with its environment will collapse the entanglement. The probability of preventing such interactions and preserving entanglements over classical sizes and distances is exceedingly small.
These photons were then "teleported" into another clean and efficient quantum channel where they were subjected to the usual quantum steering tests to determine the interaction or entanglement even when losses were suffered in the earlier system.
In a QFT, the entanglement entropy is generally calculated using the replica trick [15] but it is UV-divergent for any subregion A and any state [rho], due to the short-distance divergences.
Animals often drag the heavy gear around for months, gradually losing weight, said Moore, who has performed necropsies on more than 20 whales that have died from entanglements. The ropes slice into flesh and bone, causing infections, injuries, and partial amputations.
Key words: bowhead whale; Balaena mysticetus; ship strike; Arctic Ocean; Bering Sea; line entanglement; commercial gear entanglement; Orcinus orca; killer whale predation attempts; propeller injuries; scars; aboriginal whaling
Quantum particles' weird properties make quantum communication possible: The particles can be in two places at once, or have their properties linked through quantum entanglement. Tweak one particle in an entangled pair, and you can immediately seem to affect the other--what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance." Using quantum entanglement, people can securely exchange quantum keys--codes that can encrypt top secret messages (SN: 11/20/10.
The 500kg satellite contains a quantum key communicator, quantum entanglement emitter, entanglement source, processing unit, and a laser communicator.
Age of Entanglement: German and Indian Intellectuals across Empire.
Critique: A riveting novel by an impressively talented author, "Vines Of Entanglement" combines memorable characters and a deftly crafted story to provide the reader with a fully engaging and consistently entertaining read.
A government committee is working to resolve indebtedness entanglement between the ministries of investment, finance, oil, and electricity which is estimated at EGP20bn, stated El-Araby during a press conference at the Ministry of Planning on Tuesday, adding that the resolution of entanglements between various executive bodies will improve the management of state assets.
The singing star admitted that it was the physical phenomenon of quantum entanglement which inspired her latest music.