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ensue from (something)

To happen as a result of something else. The unrest ensued from years of economic injustice in that part of the city. An argument ensued from a comment I made that I thought was constructive criticism.
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ensue from something

to result from someone or something. What ensued from the change in policy was not anticipated at all. A very serious problem ensued from the events of the day.
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The plaintiff argued that the court correctly determined that the policy's ensuing loss provision did not apply, arguing that "the ensuing loss provision only applies when an excluded peril sets in motion a covered peril, and the trial court determined as a factual matter that all of the damage to the dwelling was caused by the excluded peril of vandalism, malicious mischief, and theft.
Stating that he was hopeful of their party's prospects in the ensuing elections in the State, he said, "Let us wait till Monday.
Lambert volleyed over and Ernie Cooksey headed wide before Alan Goodall was brought down in the area and Lambert slammed home the ensuing penalty.
These experiments and ensuing research data captured by both the United States and the Soviet Union lead Dr.
* The second consideration was that the sizable surface area of the scar would make excision problematic because a composite graft that was large enough to cover the ensuing raw surface would be unlikely to survive.
The ensuing culture clashes are often alienating, confusing, even painful--but, like the most rewarding travel experiences, they're always invigorating.
The ensuing piece, Continual Distance: more than eleven ways to consider at least four directions, 2003, draws a related analogy from an intersection near the artist's studio: The street, stereometrically rotated, becomes a pointedly aesthetic support for the apartments and shops that line it.
However, during the ensuing controversy, the plaques were put back, but perhaps only temporarily.
Moises Kaufman depicts the shocking true story and ensuing outrage after the tragic 1998 death of 21-year-old Matthew Shepard in a Colorado after a vicious anti-gay crime.
The only thing close to ensuing was NBC, which had to announce there is no such show after reporters called asking about it.
The company has further diversified and expanded in the ensuing decades, with Robert Riethmiller Jr.
However, the ensuing public outcry--including objections by the ACLU, some clergy, as well as an article in the St.
It's not the toxic mold cases that are killing the market, it is the media-driven public panic that has caused a surge in water-damage cases and the ensuing mold losses.
The lightning intervention of the boat police stopped the ensuing quarrel, but Jim - who wasn't even driving - could still face a bill.
The ensuing debate overshadowed the launch of The Decade to Overcome Violence, a statement of the WCC's wish to build a culture of peace with other faiths and communities.