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ensue from (something)

To happen as a result of something else. The unrest ensued from years of economic injustice in that part of the city. An argument ensued from a comment I made that I thought was constructive criticism.
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ensue from something

to result from someone or something. What ensued from the change in policy was not anticipated at all. A very serious problem ensued from the events of the day.
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Bok insists that no particular crime need ensue for this to be socially toxic: Heavy viewers, for example, begin to suffer from the so-called "mean-world" syndrome, with its baleful feedback effect of keeping people indoors, where they watch more TV, becoming even more convinced of the risk of leaving their home.
Without intelligent unifying forces, any body of people is doomed to chaos and the cacophony of the babbling masses that ensues - or worse.
Public Forum, April 20) tells us that values ensue from the individual's origins, his cognition of why he is here and where he is going.
When they engage the enemy, a rip-roaring battle ensues.
Romance ensues after they learn their respective mates are having an affair.
A heady whirlwind romance ensues complete with a hot, sexy affair.
When the conquistadors arrive, demanding food, a terrible massacre ensues and Kendall witnesses the subjugation, enslavement, and horrific amputations inflicted on what remains of his tribe.
What ensues is a very funny story with delightful musical numbers,'' she said.
When the Princess of France and her ladies arrive on a diplomatic mission, a royal verbal battle of the sexes ensues.
While chaos will surely ensue when we leave, whether tomorrow or in 20 years, chaos is inevitable.