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ensue from (something)

To happen as a result of something else. A riot ensued from years of civil unrest in that part of the city. And then an argument ensued from a comment I made that I thought was constructive criticism.
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ensue from something

to result from someone or something. What ensued from the change in policy was not anticipated at all. A very serious problem ensued from the events of the day.
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According to the "satire," the show would plop the teens and recently paroled sex offenders into a remote area and let reality ensue.
If the incumbent radio and record industries get sufficiently scared, though, a legal fight may ensue.
Bok insists that no particular crime need ensue for this to be socially toxic: Heavy viewers, for example, begin to suffer from the so-called "mean-world" syndrome, with its baleful feedback effect of keeping people indoors, where they watch more TV, becoming even more convinced of the risk of leaving their home.
One of the Advertising Council's chief objectives was to ensue accessibility to its volunteers.
Pull too hard or too gently, and disaster can ensue.
Many of her subsequent discussions ensue from that conflation.
What: Friends win the lottery; complications ensue.
With some people celebrating on December 27 and others a week earlier, confusion would ensue.
After Crowflight earns its 50% interest in the property, a standard joint venture would ensue, with possible dilution of either party to a 11/2 net smelter return.
Guest appearances by Lincoln, Einstein, and Oppenheimer ensue.
Public Forum, April 20) tells us that values ensue from the individual's origins, his cognition of why he is here and where he is going.
The Board of Directors has instructed management to immediately commence negotiations with creditors to consider a restructuring failing which an insolvent liquidation of the Corporation will ensue.
Complications ensue when he realizes the house is still occupied by its former tenant.
Such forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those anticipated, including but not limited to, risks and uncertainties relating to assumptions concerning the market in which the company operates, the outcome of pending litigation and any new litigation that might ensue (including judicial interpretation of the facts or law, or both, differing from AZI's interpretations), competition, product information and delivery schedules, profit margins, demand for inventory, stability of costs, timing and maintenance of orders, stability of the regulatory environment and other factors.
These changes have been made to better position the company for the future challenges in the broadcast industry, which will ensue as a result of the new communications act.