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ensnare (someone or something) in (something)

1. Literally, to catch someone or something, as a trap. If we can't ensnare an animal in this trap, we're not going to eat tonight.
2. To trap or involve oneself or someone in something troubling, such as an issue, problem, or scandal. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ensnare" and "in." The other candidates ensnared the politicians in petty debates, and he was never able to make his point. Our father's lack of a will has ensnared my brothers and me in many lawsuits over his estate.
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ensnare someone or something in something

1. . Lit. to capture someone or something in something. Dave ensnared the rabbit in his trap. Henry ensnared himself in the trap they had laid for deer.
2. Fig. to catch or "trap" someone in an act or pattern of deception. She sought to ensnare him in his own framework of lies. He ensnared himself in his many lies.
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Without mechanisms of ensnarement, further innovation does not guarantee future success.
(49) Similarly, Stokes betrays a narcissistic self-fascination that brings about his own downfall by "doating to infinity" on his whiskers, whilst they belong to a physical look seemingly demanded by a prevalent rhetoric of male grooming from whose ensnarement it is difficult to escape.
This dual character of the lawfulness requirement bars the government from using any "kind of force which pretends law," whether it be an act of "mere force," or "a malicious ensnarement under colour of law," or if the arbitrariness resides in the "harshness of the law itself." (28)
There is, for instance, an original and ingenious solution to the scene in which Belch, Aguecheek and Fabian conceal themselves intheboxtree towitnessMalvolio's ensnarement inMaria's plot.
There is, for instance, an original and ingenious solution to the scene in which Belch, Aguecheek and Fabian conceal themselves in the box tree to witness Malvolio's ensnarement in Maria's plot.
"Echelon Conspiracy" has something to do with Max's ensnarement in a scheme to make an unauthorized expansion of NSA surveillance capabilities, and something else to do with a super-duper NSA computer that may be acting as a rogue agent with a hidden agenda.
In accordance with current trends in third-wave feminism, Hermann's story focuses on the private sphere of heterosexual romantic relationships, revealing the narrator's ensnarement in traditional role expectations.
Taking up this rhetorical-ornament-as-method-of-trickery thread, Clark traces the function of rhetorical traps in key moments such as Helen's winning over of the king (despite his initial resistance), her ensnarement of Bertram, and the trapping of Parolles with his own words.
As he notes to his confidant, the letter writer, it may be his new friend Ali who prevents his moving on; his ensnarement indicates that he is perhaps trapped in a land where he is free to embrace his new masculine identity, though he is only beginning, at the close of the novel, to openly announce it to the world.
(45) Magdalena and Corinthians' ensnarement by a patriarchal system which is predicated upon the division of labour along gender lines is reflected in the fact that their brother is unable "to really distinguish them (or their roles) from his mother." (46)
Anita Hill's ensnarement between conflictive discourses resonates with that of Sojourner Truth: The colorblind ideology expressed by some of Hill's white female supporters, for example, led them to see her accusation solely as a gendered issue (Crenshaw, 1992), while at the same time, many in Black communities were concerned primarily with the racial implications of such an "airing of dirty laundry."
According to Spender, Malcolm Lowry's big book spun about that self-contradiction tells of a life of ensnarement in a "despair ...
If it's a fishing pole, don't say that it's an icthyological ensnarement solution.