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As the US has been at daggers' drawn with Iran, China, Russia and North Korea, Pakistan could soon find itself ensnared in a very difficult situation.
In the process, she becomes ensnared in a web of deceit, intrigue and contradictions spun by her loved ones.
During a High Court bail application her barrister Charles McCreanor QC said: 'The background of this case, as explained to me, is that this is a Triad operation and she got caught up in it, she got ensnared in it.
Sir - One despairs of our political commentators who seem to be ensnared in the seesaw politics of "first-past-the-post".
Author Joseph Bathanti, a teacher and VISTA Volunteer worker for the North Carolina Prison system, weaves a harrowing story about a man who takes a job at Coventry Prison and rapidly becomes ensnared in a cell of his own making.
What happens when creatures of the sea become ensnared in the trappings of the human world?
They were equally conscious that the Christian churches have been caught up and ensnared in the conflicts and tensions which have shaped Irish life in past centuries.
In training camp, he crushed the eyesocket of a teammate with a sucker punch and by the end of the season he was ensnared in the THG drug scandal and contemplating retirement after a series of concussions.
Thousands of commuters became ensnared in traffic chaos following a motorway crash yesterday.
Wiggins' analysis justifies his conclusion that the poem "gives the Impression of being part of a spontaneous dialogue taking place in the heat of conflict and the reader has the pleasure of witnessing the speaker become step by step more and more ensnared in the trammels of his faulty argument and his false position" (86).
Fifty-two whales ensnared in fixed fishing nets were sold from July to December 2001 after the Fisheries Agency legalized such catches under certain conditions, agency officials said Sunday.
He can flash a cute male butt with the cheapest of them but usually in service of something sinister, like the murder-and-rape nightmare in which two teenagers become ensnared in Criminal Lovers.
However, Beckwith managed to get ensnared in a web of deceit: His investment disappeared in what is alleged to be an investment fraud.
PRESIDENT Bill Clinton has granted clemency to 62 people, including a congressman charged with misusing taxpayers' money and a friend ensnared in a corruption probe.