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enshrine (someone or something) in (one's) heart

To retain fondly, as of a memory. While I'm heartbroken that Grandma is gone, at least I've enshrined all of my wonderful memories with her in my heart.
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enshrine (someone's) memory in (one's) heart

To retain the memory of someone fondly. While I'm heartbroken that Grandma is gone, at least I've enshrined her memory in my heart.
See also: enshrine, heart, memory

enshrine (something) in (something)

To place something on display, often within a protective case or material. I enshrined my medals in a cabinet in my foyer so that all visitors can see them.
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enshrine someone in one's heart

 and enshrine someone's memory in one's heart
Fig. to keep the memory of someone in a special place in one's heart or mind. Bob enshrined Jill's memory in his heart.
See also: enshrine, heart

enshrine something in something

to honor someone or something by placement in a shrine. Bill enshrined his grandfather's watch in a glass dome.
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An eighth--Puerto Rican legend Roberto Clemente, the first Caribbean-region player to cross the threshold in 1973--achieved immortality via the unusual circumstance of a special enshrinement in the aftermath of his tragic demise on Dec.
Matchbox fans weren't happy with the enshrinement of Hot Wheels, Bensch says, and in a tongue-in-cheek rant, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart took the hall to task for inducting the stick and cardboard box before the ball.
As a final word, I wonder if Xue Xuan's victory over Wang Yangming for enshrinement has implications other than the competition between the two Schools or between the two regions.
With or without the additional star power generally surrounding the enshrinement ceremony, many fans are glad that NFL linemen are finally getting some of the credit they deserve in this Hall of Fame class.
The enshrinement in statute of marriage equality will most certainly be for the common good in the chipping away of prejudices that regrettably still seem to exist in our society Roy Owen, via email.
The member of the Canadian National Assembly also commended the enshrinement in the constitution of the diversity of the Moroccan identity, highlighting "that the recognition of Morocco's cultural diversity represents a considerable step forward."
Four times in the past seven years, Miller has been on the veterans' ballot for election to the Hall and four times he has failed to receive the necessary votes for enshrinement. When Miller first appeared on the ballot in 2003, voters consisted primarily of living members of the Hall of Fame.
We want to ride on Iran's rich enshrinement history," said Minister Mzembi, adding that consultations with the relevant authorities had already begun.
The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame today announced that eight individuals and two teams have been named as the Enshrinement Class of 2010.
While the WebAAEs current path risks the permanent enshrinement of lowest-common- denominatorhood, he argues, thereAAEs still a chance for a more benign outcome.The chief enemy in the book is what Lanier calls Aocybernetic totalismAoAua sort of digital Maoism in which humans are simultaneously aggregated and reduced, making them more components than individuals.AoThe central mistake of recent digital culture is to chop up a network of individuals so finely that you end up with a mush,Ao he writes.
His success with this sport earned him enshrInement into the National Wheelchair Basketball Association Hall of Fame.
So Science News staff writers enjoyed poring over the potpourri of science stories from 2007 to select those most worthy of enshrinement in the magazine's annual year-end issue.
The constitutional enshrinement of state religions must be eliminated.
The New York Times earlier this year polled 50 writers who are eligible to vote, revealing that just eight said they would back McGwire for enshrinement. "It could be an ominous sign for McGwire," the paper reported.
One can only hope this richly expansive work will receive its proper enshrinement at some later date.