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enshrine (someone or something) in (one's) heart

To retain fondly, as of a memory. While I'm heartbroken that Grandma is gone, at least I've enshrined all of my wonderful memories with her in my heart.
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enshrine (something) in (something)

To place something on display, often within a protective case or material. I enshrined my medals in a cabinet in my foyer so that all visitors can see them.
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enshrine someone in one's heart

 and enshrine someone's memory in one's heart
Fig. to keep the memory of someone in a special place in one's heart or mind. Bob enshrined Jill's memory in his heart.
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enshrine something in something

to honor someone or something by placement in a shrine. Bill enshrined his grandfather's watch in a glass dome.
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The resolution said that 'barbaric acts of terrorism in the name of encounters were some of the glaring examples of encroachment of fundamental rights to life and liberty as enshrined in the constitution'.
BEIRUT: Migrant domestic workers Monday asked Lebanese authorities to protect their rights enshrined in international conventions.
The new lease enshrined public right of access along footpaths surrounding the fields, but for the fields themselves added: ".
On Wednesday morning, a grand ceremony was held in Nanjing's Qixia Temple where the remains had been enshrined prior to being flown to Hong Kong.
Summary: Veterans' campaigners have hailed a "major step forward", after the PM accepted demands for the military covenant to be enshrined in law.
The founders of our nation enshrined the freedoms of speech and the press in our constitution in the years immediately following our revolution, and these freedoms are at the heart of how we define ourselves as Americans.
Mr Mac Coitir said: "The right to live free from that form of harassment is enshrined in European law and is allegedly enshrined in law in the Six Counties.
Mousavi stressed Iran's resolve to continue cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and reiterated that Tehran has never infringed the rules and regulations enshrined in the NPT and has not decided to withdraw from the Treaty either.
Twickenham consider promotion and relegation sacrosanct and reminded Premier Rugby that the concept is enshrined in the eight-year deal, which runs until 2016.
The final version of the mandate comprises in total five additional declarations enshrined into the text on the request of the UK, Poland and Lithuania.
I AM pleased to see the Welsh Conservatives have finally caught up with the Welsh Liberal Democrats when it comes to the Welsh language with their announcement that they would like to see statutory language rights enshrined in law in Wales.
To be enshrined while he is still active, Jackson had to have coached for 25 years.
Others have suggested creating a new secular war memorial or separating the war criminals from the enshrined war dead.
Judges instinctively protect civil liberties as enshrined in law.
They carried out their task, but they found themselves increasingly out of sympathy with the old guard, the enshrined principles of the Charter of Athens, and the whole formal apparatus.