enshrine in

enshrine (something) in (something)

To place something on display, often within a protective case or material. I keep my Olympic medals in a cabinet in my foyer so that all visitors can see them.
See also: enshrine

enshrine something in something

to honor someone or something by placement in a shrine. Bill enshrined his grandfather's watch in a glass dome.
See also: enshrine
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According to the same report, it was also agreed on submitting to the plenary session for examination the proposal to enshrine in the Constitution the higher islamic council, the higher education, training and scientific research council, the higher authority of Tunisians abroad and the higher al-ifta authority.
A charity campaigning for men's rights yesterday attacked a decision in Brussels to enshrine in law cheaper car insurance for women.
It is not the task of our government and elected representatives to enshrine in our laws the religious point of view of any one faith," the religious leaders' letter reads.