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ensconce (oneself) in (something)

To plant or place oneself in a particular thing, setting, or situation. My brother's best friend is always trying to ensconce himself in our family gatherings, much to my annoyance. I ensconced myself in the airplane seat and tried to take a nap.
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ensconce oneself in something

Fig. to establish oneself in something; to settle oneself into something; to place oneself firmly into something. He ensconced himself in the most comfortable chair. Sally ensconced herself in the huge throne and pretended she was a queen.
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It is just that in practice, once teachers are ensconced in schools, they are in an organizational setting that dictates that they will move from child-centered to teacher-centered education, from project-centered to text-centered education, from intrinsic to extrinsic motivation, and the like.
So how's he going to take care of that ensconced in a loft apartment 3,500 miles away in New York?
Her father is an earl so Lady Rose is firmly ensconced in polite society, a situation she abhors because women have no freedom and are passed from their father to their husband.
We know only too well how politicians suck up to the electorate just before an election, and go on to completely ignore them the day after the poll is held and they a recomfortably ensconced for the next few years.
Representatives for the not--so-estranged couple have confirmed that they are still ensconced in their Beverly Hills mansion.
We're now happily ensconced in God's Own Land, aka North Yorkshire.
Ensconced ill the midst of the magnificent Colorado mountains, the Vail Cascade Resort & Spa is a luxurious, four-diamond ski resort providing unlimited options in cold weather sports, epicurean dining, and sumptuous accommodations.
The 'rich man's club' is opening its doors to its less wealthy neighbours--amid muttering from many of those already ensconced in its comfortable armchairs.
In skull cut and stubble, von Trier comes off as a puffy monk, ensconced in cozy Danish digs while the imperturbable, silver-maned Leth trots the globe from Bombay to Brussels, determined to overcome the escalating obstacles and maintain his dignity.
Government-sponsored Tokyo designers produced the Tokyo Wonder Site--an extraordinary display of visionary talent in two containers, with two competing deejays ensconced atop each one, blaring funky beats in wicked polyrhythms.
And there are a bunch of scoundrels already ensconced in Cooperstown.
And who further insisted he was ensconced underground?
LAST YEAR AT THIS TIME, the runaway hit of the season, Hairspray, was already ensconced al the Neil Simon Theatre.
But with aluminum firmly ensconced among the world's major vehicle makers, making inroads for CuproBraze has been an uphill slog.
Now that Saturday Night Live is firmly ensconced as a small-screen institution, it's hard to recapture the original energy and excitement behind the show.