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ensconce (oneself) in (something)

To plant or place oneself in a particular thing, setting, or situation. My brother's best friend is always trying to ensconce himself in our family gatherings, much to my annoyance. I ensconced myself in the airplane seat and tried to take a nap.
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ensconce oneself in something

Fig. to establish oneself in something; to settle oneself into something; to place oneself firmly into something. He ensconced himself in the most comfortable chair. Sally ensconced herself in the huge throne and pretended she was a queen.
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YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS: TURF BOO STOP AREA RUB LURE T I PSTERS I NCA TOE ORDEAL ABBEY SLOE I A I N BLESS I NG DID DEITY BEA ENSCONCE S I AM LONE GESTE ASP I RE TEN CLUE VERT I CAL TORN I SA LOSE STET SKY ERST WEETHINKER: Across: 1 Idea; 4 Rover; 7 Tribe; 8 Tally; 9 Moans; 10 Elementary; 14 Errand; 16 Ceases; 17 Stalagmite; 22 Outdo; 23 Patio; 25 Raise; 26 Kayak; 27 Prod.
Half of these councillors are doing the job only on a part-time basis, so perhaps for them to get more out of the job they should be employed full-time when they could ensconce themselves in the activities they are being paid to do instead of using it as a sideline.
We also get a glimpse of Waiter's first wife, Gladys Powell White, who had just enough melanin, class, and talent to bolster his black credentials and ensconce him deeper into the black intelligentsia.
A strong management team currently is in place, attempting to ensconce the political will and implement the critical decisions which will be necessary for a multi-year recovery.
Ensconce Data Technology (EDT) is the creator of Dead on Demand[TM] digital data destruction products and Best Practice Solutions.
Hence, within a year after the high point of federal involvement in Yucatan during the 1937 "Crusade of the Mayab", an "official camarilla" was able to ensconce itself in the state government, where it would remain for decades to follow.