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ensconce (oneself) in (something)

To plant or place oneself in a particular thing, setting, or situation. My brother's best friend is always trying to ensconce himself in our family gatherings, much to my annoyance. I ensconced myself in the airplane seat and tried to take a nap.
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ensconce oneself in something

Fig. to establish oneself in something; to settle oneself into something; to place oneself firmly into something. He ensconced himself in the most comfortable chair. Sally ensconced herself in the huge throne and pretended she was a queen.
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AHT's Ensconce approach begins with a "scoping call" to determine what controls the packager or processor has in place.
"If you want to put a percentage on it," says Rooney, the Ensconce strategy "is 90% avoidance/mitigation and 10% insurance.
If opponents of tax-and-spend economics don't counter the rampant revisionism being used to sell the Clinton plan, America soon will be convinced that the '80s really was a decade of greed, when "the rich got richer and the poor got poorer." This is the lie that will enable big-government liberals to ensconce themselves in power for another generation and to deprive the American people of prosperity.
Classic winners: Midway Lady (1986 1,000 Guineas, Oaks), Kahyasi (1988 Derby, Irish Derby), Ensconce (1989 Irish 1,000 Guineas)
The idea resonates with middle class noblesse oblige and a commitment to a racial politics that ensconces a particular guiding role for upper class blacks.