enlist in (something)

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enlist in (something)

1. To voluntarily sign up for something. This phrase is often used in reference to the armed forces. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enlist" and "in." Did you hear that Jim wants to enlist in the military? He really feels compelled to fight for his country.
2. To gather or obtain someone for some organization or purpose. This phrase is often used in reference to the armed forces. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enlist" and "in." Jim's father is a veteran and tried to enlist him in the military. Sorry I'm late, I got enlisted in the post-dance clean-up crew.
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enlist someone in something

to recruit someone into something; to recruit someone into the armed services. They tried to enlist me in the army, but I decided against it. David enlisted his brother in an organization that gave assistance to peasants in South America.
See also: enlist

enlist(oneself) in something

to join something; to join the armed services. She decided not to enlist herself in the air force. Bill enlisted in the army.
See also: enlist
References in classic literature ?
Nevertheless, the next morning he had gone to a town that was near his mother's farm and had enlisted in a company that was forming there.
A native of La Ceiba, Honduras, Guity enlisted in the Navy as a Fireman recruit in 2001.
Just a few credits shy of his Associate of Arts degree from College of the Canyons, Nicholas Steinbacher enlisted in the Army.
Nick had enlisted in special-forces training,'' his older brother said, ``but during airborne training he'd broken a leg on his first jump, and that had taken him out of special forces and got him into infantry.
He enlisted in the Queensland Defence Force on 30 November 1889 and rose to the rank of CSM on 4 November 1898.
He enlisted in the Navy and found a second home, and he was fiercely loyal to his new "family.
communities rely solely on the trucking industry for safe delivery of their goods, it's welcome news indeed that truckers have officially enlisted in the war on terrorism.
Buell enlisted in the Army in 1948 and served with the 3rd Infantry Division and Korean Military Advisory Group during the Korean War (1952-55).
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