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enlighten someone

(about someone or something) and enlighten someone (on someone or something) to tell someone the facts about someone or something. Please enlighten me about this trip you are planning. Would you enlighten me on the current state of things? Enlighten me about Sarah. She enlightened herself about automobile engines.
References in classic literature ?
The Belgian was upon the point of enlightening him, when it suddenly occurred to him that by keeping Tarzan in ignorance, for a time at least, of his true identity, it might be possible to turn the ape-man's misfortune to his own advantage.
Nobody; the incident that you have in mind was caused by my folly in leaving a machine in action with nothing to act upon, while I undertook the interminable task of enlightening your understanding.
But when the tenth enlightening dawn had come, Hecate, with a torch in her hands, met her, and spoke to her and told her news:
Like 'Sartor Resartus' it has much subjective coloring, which here results in exaggeration of characters and situations, and much fantasy and grotesqueness of expression; but as a dramatic and pictorial vilification of a great historic movement it was and remains unique, and on the whole no history is more brilliantly enlightening and profoundly instructive.
Fyne, in remembering the details, in finding adequate words--or any words at all--was in itself a terribly enlightening, an ageing process.
He proved to be as incapable of enlightening me as Mrs.
She has no suspicion of it, and after what has happened, I shall not take the responsibility upon myself of enlightening her.
He perceived in a flash that he could remember an infinity of enlightening occurrences.
the quintessence of feminine intuition which will understand any perplexity you may be suffering from by the irresistible, enlightening force of sympathy.