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enlighten someone

(about someone or something) and enlighten someone (on someone or something) to tell someone the facts about someone or something. Please enlighten me about this trip you are planning. Would you enlighten me on the current state of things? Enlighten me about Sarah. She enlightened herself about automobile engines.
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Each told me in turn, "Sustainer, Liberator, Enlightener, O Infinite.
This does not, however, detract from the fact that the elected member adopted a tone and style in this interview of educator and enlightener.
Let me venture a few claims: schooled as he is in the Socratic method, he steers clear of Plato; he's an Enlightener with leanings toward agnosticism; a skeptic all too eager to vouchsafe his interlocutor a smidgen of trust.
As a future enlightener he believed that culture, as a means of freeing people's minds from all prejudices, would give them a good life in the future.
True enough, these Annals, or civic records, were irregular publications produced under the direct impetus of the Haskalah in Western Europe; true also, no less a radical enlightener than Moses Mendelssohn had contributed to them; but they were all written in Hebrew and did nothing more heretical than chronicle the annual doings and dealings of Jewish communities, albeit in impious Western Europe.
For Christ is "not a robber of the senses [but] an enlightener of the senses.
The reason for this is the heritage given to us by our enlightener, St.
The late 3rd-century St Nina is known as the Enlightener of the Georgians.
The Gartenlaube, founded in 1853, viewed itself as both enlightener and entertainer of the German people; its main task was to bring the nation to mainstream readership.
This led the great Kazakh enlightener Chokan Valikhanov to comment that "all the Kyrgyz confess the Muslim religion or, to be more precise, call themselves Muslims though not knowing .
Nevertheless, the first page of the section which he could separate bore the header of [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in Coptic and the beginning of a section had the didactory clause: `The Enlightener ([GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) spoke again to his disciples .
The angelic voice of lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and all-round spiritual enlightener Crispian, son of actress Hayley Mills, is the real success and mystery behind the band.
Whenever others have attempted to enlighten Isabel about something or someone, she has either steadfastly refused to be enlightened or the "enlightenment" fails to have the effect on her the enlightener hoped it would have.
The Father is thought of especially as the Creator, the Son as the Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit as the Enlightener.
The Enlightener power button shines flashes to life in a sharp line of bright blue neon when the notebook is turned on, along with the CineDash media console.