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enlighten someone

(about someone or something) and enlighten someone (on someone or something) to tell someone the facts about someone or something. Please enlighten me about this trip you are planning. Would you enlighten me on the current state of things? Enlighten me about Sarah. She enlightened herself about automobile engines.
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Enlightened Negotiation is a book that is both interesting to read and offers quite a bit of wise counsel.
He said he would also pray that Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan justices would be enlightened and would not judge them unfairly.
Effective leaders who become enlightened realize that
Written by the wife of a Buddhist monk who has taught temple cuisine for over twenty years, The Enlightened Kitchen: Fresh Vegetable Dishes from the Temples of Japan is a cookbook of the traditional fare that has its roots in Japan's Buddhist temples.
Enlightened Leadership: Brian Schwagerl, director of real estate and facilities planning for the Hearst Corporation.
Thus, we may consider each mandala as a sacred mansion, the home of a particular meditational deity, who represents and embodies enlightened qualities such as compassion, particular virtuous qualities, heightened consciousness, and bliss.
Given that museums themselves compete in this industry, usually by throwing millions at brand-name architectural add-ons while lining up blockbuster exhibitions of designer evening wear and laying off staff, the decision to make tourism the subject of curatorial investigation would seem a welcome instance of enlightened reflexivity, an opportunity not just to get swept along by this trend but to question it.
They were joined by a "stranger" who unlocked the Scriptures to them and thereby enlightened them.
JUICE REDUCED: Jamba Juice has introduced Enlightened Smoothies - reduced-calorie, reduced-sugar Jamba Juice smoothies.
As Jesus manifests wisdom in order to engage and refute each of Satan's three temptations, he exemplifies the enlightened interiority that issues from an acute awareness of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Gospels.
Clearly the authors' premise is that nurses need to be enlightened regarding the misogynist tendencies of physicians so that they will be better able to fight for, and achieve, their own professional independence.
Thanks to words of wisdom uttered by President Jacques Chirac of France and others at the beginning of the conference, and the fact that practically all the delegates were educated, enlightened people of good will, a good working atmosphere was established.
Like Thomas Jefferson (The Jefferson Bible) before him, he has omitted passages that he feels are not consistent with the enlightened teacher of most of the Gospel stories.
Because I have been living in Springfield since the 1974 tornado, when my Central State apartment was demolished, I was enlightened to read that there were "3,549 blacks" in the city then (11.