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enlarge (up)on (something)

To add or supply more information or details about something. I can see you aren't familiar with this material yet, so allow me to briefly enlarge upon it for you. I asked the boss to enlarge on the details of the proposal for me.
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expand (up)on something

 and enlarge (up)on something
Fig. to add detail to a report about something; to say more about something. Would you please expand upon that last remark? Would you care to enlarge upon your remarks?
See also: expand, on
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Enlarging the existing building would be costly because it would require strengthening it to meet construction standards enacted after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, officials said, and it would disrupt library service for months.
But enlarging NATO also would mean extending the Western alliance's security blanket far to the east.
The expansion plan focuses on enlarging the existing runway system by adding a fourth runway and also on building a third terminal as well as other operational facilities that will be required.
We try to teach the kids about enlarging, and it also works with what they're studying in math now, which is proportions,'' said Carter.
Having most recently built a productive and successful sales organization that generated several billion dollars in annual sales, Dennis has the knowledge, experience and contacts necessary to grow our Commercial Division by adding new customers and enlarging relationships with existing ones.
Once their pictures are online, members access them through the KODAK PictureMaker kiosk available at Kinko's, select the image they want to print, and then enhance it with red-eye removal, cropping or enlarging.
It's a perfect fit for teens who can get creative with their pictures by adding cool borders, cropping or enlarging an image, or printing a color image in black and white or sepia tones.
The increase of private equity capital will serve to accelerate Appian's growth by insuring for timely delivery of new products and aggressive marketing strategies aimed at improved customer support for the enlarging multiple monitor market.
ZoomSmart scaling technology features a series of point-and click Windows dialog boxes that offer several powerful options for enlarging output from popular Windows-based applications, such as Excel, Microsoft(R) Word, PowerPoint and CorelDraw