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enlarge (up)on (something)

To add or supply more information or details about something. I can see you aren't familiar with this material yet, so allow me to briefly enlarge upon it for you. I asked the boss to enlarge on the details of the proposal for me.
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expand (up)on something

 and enlarge (up)on something
Fig. to add detail to a report about something; to say more about something. Would you please expand upon that last remark? Would you care to enlarge upon your remarks?
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The decision was made on the assumption that the enlarging features would be of little or no assistance to someone who could see the text as printed.
In modes two and three, the participants were instructed in the use of the enlarging techniques.
'So we hope we can persuade the Russian leadership over time that there is nothing threatening about Nato enlarging, whether it is enlarging in the south, whether it is enlarging in the middle or whether it is enlarging in the north.
Once completely dry, sandwich the paper positive (the enlargement) with a new sheet of enlarging paper.
Remember, it takes more light to penetrate the density of medium thickness resin coated enlarging paper.
In contrast, "End Game," section 2 of the biography, ably sets forth the increasing problems of money, productivity, and personal alienation each author confronted, with the life of Larsen as the point of departure and Toomer's ever enlarging cluster of challenges as the destination.
These calculations affirm the practice of enlarging sprue diameters to shorten fill time in some types of transfer molds.
Subsequently, a rapidly enlarging tongue metastasis developed, and it was removed via laser excision.
The second phase of construction will add 338,000 square feet to the building, enlarging it to 910,000 square feet.
Enlarging what might have been wallet-size images to five-by-five or two-by-two-foot canvases, Ehrenworth intends to convey a generalized idea of childhood: Benjamin, Mary, Kate, Bill, Andrea, and Beth evoke kids he knew growing up in a New Jersey suburb.
The major thrust of the diversification program revolved around enlarging their markets by offering a wider variety of steel-base alloys and additional casting processes.