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enlarge (up)on (something)

To add or supply more information or details about something. I can see you aren't familiar with this material yet, so allow me to briefly enlarge upon it for you. I asked the boss to enlarge on the details of the proposal for me.
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expand (up)on something

 and enlarge (up)on something
Fig. to add detail to a report about something; to say more about something. Would you please expand upon that last remark? Would you care to enlarge upon your remarks?
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Most of those producers who have a plan in place plan to transition their book of business to a key employee, partner or family member (Figure 9; click to enlarge).
It is now not expected that all the contracting parties will be able to ratify the Agreements in time for them to enter into force on May 1 at the same time as the EU enlarges, as had been hoped.
The building is shared by the city's School of Fine Arts which was unwilling to cede the space necessary to enlarge the museum; and adjoining building were therefore acquired and cannibalised.
These three facets of intelligence vary together as primate brains enlarge, they say.
The base of the middle turbinate can be invaded by ethmoid air cells, which can enlarge the turbinate; an enlarged turbinate is known as a concha bullosa.
They are smaller than normal and some tissues don't respond efficiently to insulin, but the mice compensate with insulin-making beta cells that enlarge and proliferate.
She was started on hydralazine infusion, but she developed severe stridor after a few hours because the hematoma continued to enlarge.
We performed revision surgery to open the left membranous closure with a Lusk ball probe (figure, C) and to enlarge the opening circumferentially with a microdebrider (figure, D).
The X Factor judge went under the knife in July to enlarge them from a 32C to a 34DD.
In some cases, alcohol abuse or a viral infection damages the heart muscle so that the lower chambers, or ventricles, enlarge and fail to pump blood effectively.
In patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure, the excessive force of their pumping blood can enlarge the heart and thicken vessel walls, eventually causing heart and kidney disease.
and overseas, enlarges its client base in the biotechnology industry, increases its service portfolio, and enlarges the scale of its safety assessment capabilities." Toung also points to Charles River stock trading in a bullish pattern of higher highs and lows over a period of 5 years, while noting that its valuation of 18-times forward earnings is below the mean of his medical technology group peers.
When it enlarges, it makes the tube narrower hence your "hesitancy" because the urine struggles to get through.