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best of both worlds

The most ideal or desirable attributes of two different things, situations, or circumstances. We hope that by forming a bipartisan committee we will be able form a body that represents the best of both worlds. I believe that living at college gives you the best of both worlds: a place where both study and social life can thrive.
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enjoy (oneself)

To have fun. We really enjoyed ourselves at your party last weekend—the band was great!
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enjoy a long run

In theater, to be continuously performed over a long period of time, as of a specific play. Chicago has certainly enjoyed a long run—it's one of the longest-running shows in Broadway history.
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enjoy the ride

To allow oneself to have a pleasurable and satisfactory time during some experience. Usually used in conjunction with phrases like "sit back," "slow down," "buckle up," etc. Look, of course some things might not go to plan on your trip, but you've taken care of everything that you need. So just relax and enjoy the ride! She's so worried about getting a job that she hasn't experienced half of what college is about. She needs to slow down a little and learn to enjoy the ride.
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enjoy your meal

An expression said by a server upon serving food in a restaurant. Here's the pasta for you, and the salmon for you, sir. Enjoy your meal.
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*best of both worlds

a situation wherein one can enjoy two different opportunities. (*Typically: enjoy ~; have ~; live in ~.) When Don was a fellow at the university, he had the privileges of a professor and the freedom of a student. He had the best of both worlds. Donna hated to have to choose between retirement and continuing working. She wanted to do both so she could live in the best of both worlds.
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Enjoy your meal,

an expression used by food servers after the food has been served. The waiter set the plates on the table, smiled, and said, "Enjoy your meal." Waiter: Here's your dinner. Jane: Oh, this lobster looks lovely! Tom: My steak looks just perfect. Waiter: Enjoy your meal.
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enjoy oneself

To have a pleasurable or satisfactory time.
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References in classic literature ?
If you knew what I have suffered and what I may yet endure, you would endeavour to let me taste the quiet and freedom from despair that this one day at least permits me to enjoy."
"Well, I can; and I don't see why I should n't enjoy myself as well as Trix."
"Why should n't I enjoy myself as well as the rest?
Polly could n't help laughing, and, in spite of the crush, enjoyed the slow journey from seat to carriage, for Tom took such excellent care of her, she was rather sorry when it was over.
She found it very lovely, and sat down on a cracker keg to enjoy it with a heart full of the innocent sentiment of her years.
"A real sacrifice is giving up something you want or enjoy very much, isn't it?"
Leaving her sister to her own devices, Amy proceeded to enjoy herself to her heart's content.
I should rather enjoy the brickbats and hooting, I think."
It was perfectly clear that the Signor Sinbad, Franz's host, had the honor of being on excellent terms with the smugglers and bandits along the whole coast of the Mediterranean, and so enjoyed exceptional privileges.
She enjoys spending time with friends and is a member of band and choir.
| Twins Sienah, above left, and Lukas Solan, right, get musical as |Ava Gappy, below left, plays with a doll and Oscar Bircham, below right, enjoys some outdoor play
Former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon, inset, enjoys the fireworks at the Edgbaston Spectacular
Some enjoy an extra treat, as in Wild Magic: The Immorals Book 1 by Tamora Pierce (193207-6832, $39.00), where the author herself joins with the Full Cast dramatists in telling of Daine, who carries a dark secret and a powerful magic which may be able to save her new home from destruction; others, such as Robert Heinlein's The Rolling Stones (1932076808, $39.00), can't enjoy author participation (Heinlein is long dead) and thus enjoys a lively rendition (here, by David Baker and the Cast family of voice actors).
Holland (1997) articulated a model of students' vocational interests which included six dimensions, or interest types: Realistic (R: practical, enjoys working with mechanical devices and working outdoors), Investigative (1: enjoys scientific pursuits, working with abstract ideas, researching and analyzing), Artistic (A: values aesthetics, enjoys using imagination and creativity), Social (S: concern for human welfare, enjoys teaching, helping, and working with people), Enterprising (E: enjoys directing, organizing, and leading), and Conventional (C: prefers structured tasks, enjoys practical pursuits and clerical activities).
Nikkei Manor enjoys a strong corps of Japanese-speaking volunteers.