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best of both worlds

The most ideal or desirable attributes of two different things, situations, or circumstances. We hope that by forming a bipartisan committee we will be able form a body that represents the best of both worlds. I believe that living at college gives you the best of both worlds: a place where both study and social life can thrive.
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enjoy your meal

An expression said by a server upon serving food in a restaurant. Here's the pasta for you, and the salmon for you, sir. Enjoy your meal.
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*best of both worlds

a situation wherein one can enjoy two different opportunities. (*Typically: enjoy ~; have ~; live in ~.) When Don was a fellow at the university, he had the privileges of a professor and the freedom of a student. He had the best of both worlds. Donna hated to have to choose between retirement and continuing working. She wanted to do both so she could live in the best of both worlds.
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Enjoy your meal,

an expression used by food servers after the food has been served. The waiter set the plates on the table, smiled, and said, "Enjoy your meal." Waiter: Here's your dinner. Jane: Oh, this lobster looks lovely! Tom: My steak looks just perfect. Waiter: Enjoy your meal.
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enjoy oneself

To have a pleasurable or satisfactory time.
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A Year 3 pupil said: "I enjoyed holiday camp and I feel safe when I go there.
I really enjoyed getting to meet so many new friends, young and older.
I kept playing because I simply enjoyed it and I could get lost a little bit.
The Black Enterprise/Pepsi Golf & Tennis Challenge has enjoyed remarkable loyalty from registrants since its inception in 1994.
We still enjoyed the quiet time, but something else was added.
The Siren Screamer makes it simpler than ever to take music from the PC and enjoy it where music was meant to be enjoyed -- on the home stereo.
The idea was to create the type of fantasy story that he and Tolkien enjoyed reading as children.
The local sports community enjoyed a special treat, as legendary John Wooden was the keynote speaker at the inaugural College of the Canyons Hall of Fame induction ceremony Thursday in Valencia.
Now Employee Discount Can Be Enjoyed by All in Time for the Holidays
Millions of digital images are not being enjoyed right now -- they're sitting unviewed on computer hard drives or CDs -- and we want to change that this holiday season," said Dean Finnegan, president, Pandigital.
Consumers using PCs powered by Intel Viiv technology and Intel Centrino mobile technology enjoyed NBC Universal's Olympic highlights and content in high-resolution format through an easy to use interface.
Thora Birch, Jacqueline Bisset, Patricia Clarkson, Ricky Gervais (``The Office''), Jude Law, Anthony Minghella, Naomi Watts, Peter Jackson, Dominic Monaghan, Uma Thurman, Scarlett Johansson, Craig Ferguson, Jonathan Rhys-Davies and Harry Shearer, along with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, nibbled on lovely biscuits, yummy scones and enjoyed a bit o' the bubbly to toast the Golden Globe nominees.
Especially in 2004, 90% of the World top 500 enterprises in China enjoyed the online recruitment.
As a steady rain beat outside, hundreds of people enjoyed a hot Christmas dinner, gifts, music and fellowship Thursday at the 10th annual Conejo Community Holiday Dinner.
Dinner on Saturday evening will be enjoyed at one of several Oregon Bounty restaurants in the Portland area.