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best of both worlds

The most ideal or desirable attributes of two different things, situations, or circumstances. We hope that by forming a bipartisan committee we will be able form a body that represents the best of both worlds. I believe that living at college gives you the best of both worlds: a place where both study and social life can thrive.
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enjoy (oneself)

To have fun. We really enjoyed ourselves at your party last weekend—the band was great!
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enjoy a long run

In theater, to be continuously performed over a long period of time, as of a specific play. Chicago has certainly enjoyed a long run—it's one of the longest-running shows in Broadway history.
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enjoy your meal

An expression said by a server upon serving food in a restaurant. Here's the pasta for you, and the salmon for you, sir. Enjoy your meal.
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*best of both worlds

a situation wherein one can enjoy two different opportunities. (*Typically: enjoy ~; have ~; live in ~.) When Don was a fellow at the university, he had the privileges of a professor and the freedom of a student. He had the best of both worlds. Donna hated to have to choose between retirement and continuing working. She wanted to do both so she could live in the best of both worlds.
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Enjoy your meal,

an expression used by food servers after the food has been served. The waiter set the plates on the table, smiled, and said, "Enjoy your meal." Waiter: Here's your dinner. Jane: Oh, this lobster looks lovely! Tom: My steak looks just perfect. Waiter: Enjoy your meal.
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enjoy oneself

To have a pleasurable or satisfactory time.
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Also less divisive in its general unpopularity is Geography equally and citizenship - enjoyed by seven per cent of girls and five per cent of girls.
Pupils at Rastrick Independent School enjoyed entertainment from the school choir before playing party games and enjoying a two-hour disco.
Crowd of tourists, draped in a thick white blanket, made a beeline and welcomed the scenic winter and enjoyed various snow sports.
Responding to questions from journalists on why he wept after the September 20 electoral defeat by the PF, Banda said he enjoyed being called 'Mr President' and his loss also meant his friends would have no jobs.
Families clearly took advantage of the low ticket prices and thoroughly enjoyed the return of the traditional bonfire
, to unduly influence the three boards of directors in declaring dividends--"was neither ascertainable nor legally enforceable and hence not a right in any normal sense of that term" It noted that the broad discretion the boards enjoyed over dividend policy was restrained by fiduciary responsibilities demanding that they act in the companies' best interests.
Racing belongs to no-one but is enjoyed by everyone.
I continue to enjoy your Summer 2004 edition and especially enjoyed your selection of "Most Gorgeous Gay Beaches on Earth." I was pleased with myself (if I'm allowed) that I have enjoyed five of your selections personally and absolutely agree with your assessment of each.
Born in Lamaline, Nfld., he said he enjoyed the variety and challenges of parish ministry and has a special interest in evangelism.
Sofrito, a blend of onions and spices, is used in many dishes and Tostones--or fried green plantains are enjoyed alone or as a side dish.
Lebanon, Pennsylvania, presents Asbury Aglow, a holiday outdoor lighting celebration enjoyed by the entire Mt.
Time spent per month in mentoring activities was significantly correlated with how much the youth enjoyed spending time with their mentors, r=.37, p<.05.
Interestingly, all .four major competitors in the category enjoyed high ratings as the best overall brand by their primary brand-users.
The musical success enjoyed by the Brown siblings is evidence to the years of practice and dedicated piano study but also serves as a tribute to parents Keith and Lisa for providing emotional, musical and financial support.