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best of both worlds

The most ideal or desirable attributes of two different things, situations, or circumstances. We hope that by forming a bipartisan committee we will be able form a body that represents the best of both worlds. I believe that living at college gives you the best of both worlds: a place where both study and social life can thrive.
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enjoy your meal

An expression said by a server upon serving food in a restaurant. Here's the pasta for you, and the salmon for you, sir. Enjoy your meal.
See also: enjoy, meal

enjoy (oneself)

To have fun. We really enjoyed ourselves at your party last weekend—the band was great!
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*best of both worlds

a situation wherein one can enjoy two different opportunities. (*Typically: enjoy ~; have ~; live in ~.) When Don was a fellow at the university, he had the privileges of a professor and the freedom of a student. He had the best of both worlds. Donna hated to have to choose between retirement and continuing working. She wanted to do both so she could live in the best of both worlds.
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Enjoy your meal,

an expression used by food servers after the food has been served. The waiter set the plates on the table, smiled, and said, "Enjoy your meal." Waiter: Here's your dinner. Jane: Oh, this lobster looks lovely! Tom: My steak looks just perfect. Waiter: Enjoy your meal.
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enjoy oneself

To have a pleasurable or satisfactory time.
See also: enjoy
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Glossy, romantic, beautifully shot yet tough - it's an enjoyably daft and intense drama.
KICK-ASS (Film4, Tuesday, 9pm) ENJOYABLY edgy comic-book action comedy centring on an American teenager who becomes a real-life superhero.
Enjoyably ridiculous "Manborg" finds Canadian film collective Astron-6 parodying the Reagan eras most disposable VHS sci-fi features, just as their concurrent "Father's Day" mocks its low-end horror product.
THIS enjoyably edgy comicbook action comedy sees Aaron Johnson cast as an American teenager who becomes a real life superhero.
He seeks to control price, advertising and availability, yet an overwhelming majority of those who consume alcohol do so enjoyably and responsibly.
Some of them thus can be enjoyably spent reading Bill Kauffman's lively, literate, and thought-provoking ramble through the woodland paths and flower-strewn dales of the Old Republic, honoring its heroes and heroines, celebrating their commitment to place and community, and inspiring us to think bravely about recovering its best features in a time of soul-crushing bigness, cultural degradation, and mortal challenge from implacable enemies.
I watched her show and I have to report that it was awful, but quite enjoyably so.
In between the kvetching and the hand-wringing, you've got turns from enjoyably oddball characters like Brooke's aggressively a cappella-singing brother (John Michael Higgins) and Gary's lunkhead bartender buddy (Jon Favreau, reuniting with Vaughn 10 years after ``Swingers'').
In the second, it is an enjoyably written and well researched biography of an amazing woman.
Identical costumes and imaginatively evolving formations keep the eye enjoyably busy and involved.
to authorial resistance, and to this most enjoyably infuriating volume, as well.
If he does it still won't be the most ludicrous thing to have happened in this enjoyably ludicrous drama.
50pm (WalesEarly Nineties Rebecca De hams it up i enjoyably h thriller.
Rebecca de Mornay hams it up in an enjoyably hysterical thriller.