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enjoin from (something)

To legally order or command someone to do (or not do) something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enjoin" and "from." I'm worried that I'll be enjoined from seeing my kids if this complaint against me goes to court.
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enjoin to (do something)

To order someone to do something, often legally. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enjoin" and "to." The judge enjoined me to pay reparations to the people I'd wronged.
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enjoin someone or something from something

[for a court] to order someone or something not to do something. The judge enjoined her from further action in this matter. The company was enjoined from further dumping of waste.
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enjoin someone to do something

to order someone to do something. We sought to enjoin her to remain in office. Sally wants to enjoin the committee to finish its work on time.
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38 The Acuna case is instructive to the extent that the court upheld the prohibition enjoining defendants from "intimidating, annoying, harassing...residents of Rocksprings...known to have complained about gang activities.
Solangaarachchi has submitted this letter when filing the case to obtain the enjoining order.
Enjoining good and forbidding evil is a condition for considering Muslims the best nation produced as an example for mankind.
The factors then to be considered under the China Trade test are the following: '(1) frustration of a policy in the enjoining forum; (2) the foreign action would be vexatious; (3) a threat to the issuing court's in rem or quasi in rem jurisdiction; (4) the proceedings in the other forum prejudice other equitable considerations; or (5) adjudication of the same issues in separate actions would result in delay, inconvenience, expense, inconsistency, or a race to judgment.' China Trade, above at 35." [Slip op.
Hughes violated a 1997 injunction enjoining him from counseling, advising, and preparing documents for individuals in the creation and transfer of land trusts.
Time and again, the federal courts have proved ill-suited for enjoining industrial disputes.
"Where these threshold requirements are satisfied, 'courts are directed to consider a number of additional factors, including whether the foreign action threatens the jurisdiction or the strong public policies of the enjoining forum.' ...