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enjoin from (something)

To legally order or command someone to do something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enjoin" and "from." I'm worried that I'll be enjoined from seeing my kids if this complaint against me goes to court.
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enjoin to (do something)

To order someone to do something, often legally. The judge enjoined me to pay reparations to the people I'd wronged.
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enjoin someone or something from something

[for a court] to order someone or something not to do something. The judge enjoined her from further action in this matter. The company was enjoined from further dumping of waste.
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enjoin someone to do something

to order someone to do something. We sought to enjoin her to remain in office. Sally wants to enjoin the committee to finish its work on time.
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16 issued an order enjoining and restraining SafeCard from proceeding with the lawsuit it filed against Mr.
On October 12, 2006, the District Court issued a ruling indicating that it will enter a preliminary injunction enjoining ProxyMed's use of the MedAvant mark until trial of MedAvante's claims.
NYSE: SSI), today reported that the Illinois state court has issued an order enjoining and restraining SafeCard from proceeding with the lawsuit it filed against Mr.
The Company and the Board of Directors recognize the importance to the shareholders of convening a shareholders' meeting, and therefore, on Friday, October 13, 2006, the Company appealed the order enjoining the Meeting.
Video Game Industry Lauds Ninth Decision in Five Years Enjoining Restrictions on Video Games
A Federal Court Judge has granted in part a preliminary Injunction motion brought by Perfect 10 Magazine against Google, enjoining Google from copying and displaying "thumbnail" versions of Perfect 10 copyrighted images via Google Image Search, according to Perfect 10.
On August 23, 2005, the state court entered a final judgment and order of dismissal with prejudice, granting final approval of the terms of settlement reached on February 23, 2005 in the state court class action lawsuit, dismissing the state class action lawsuit and all claims contained therein against the Company and its former executive officers, and enjoining the class members in the lawsuit from prosecuting the settled claims against the Company and its former executive officers.
Biomet's President and Chief Executive Officer said, "We are pleased that the court is enjoining Medtronic from further unauthorized use of our valuable intellectual property rights.
Although Judge Flanagan did not grant PharmaNetics' request for a preliminary injunction, one of the reasons cited by the Court for not enjoining these false advertising messages was that Aventis has discontinued using these false statements in its advertising.