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enjoin from (something)

To legally order or command someone to do (or not do) something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enjoin" and "from." I'm worried that I'll be enjoined from seeing my kids if this complaint against me goes to court.
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enjoin to (do something)

To order someone to do something, often legally. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enjoin" and "to." The judge enjoined me to pay reparations to the people I'd wronged.
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enjoin someone or something from something

[for a court] to order someone or something not to do something. The judge enjoined her from further action in this matter. The company was enjoined from further dumping of waste.
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enjoin someone to do something

to order someone to do something. We sought to enjoin her to remain in office. Sally wants to enjoin the committee to finish its work on time.
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That infringer should expect to have its conduct carefully scrutinized in future uses of marks, and should not expect to be allowed to receive the same leniency accorded a user who commences in good faith to use a mark, for example, to which an enjoined defendant may have shifted.
Rosa Kasse, and her company, The Hispanic Coalition, Inc., Miami, permanently enjoined from engaging in the unlicensed practice of law and ordered to pay $1,400 restitution, pursuant to an August 30 court order.
The county circuit court granted PhrMA's request for injunctive relief and enjoined the department from implementing the program.
Now the court here denied Cooper's appeal to increase that figure, but ordered a retrial to determine if and how much money Cooper should receive for lost profits while Amana was enjoined for more than two years.
Shoe and enjoined it from collecting further HMT on exports
Acuna decision, authorities in Los Angeles, in August of 1997, successfully enjoined members of a criminal street gang from engaging in a number of activities, including:
In 1983, Topps Chewing Gum was found not to have infringed Tetley Tea Co.'s mark when it used stickers bearing the words "Petley Flea Bags." The same company, however, wasn't as lucky in 1986, when its Garbage Pad Kids were found to "tarnish" Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, and Topps was enjoined from selling trading cards using that mark and concept.
The ruling found in favor of Rubbermaid on all counts of patent, trademark and trade dress infringement, and enjoined Contico from making, using, selling or soliciting for sale its Fast Pak container, models 1326 and 1826.
In May 1990, the Forest Service applied controls according to EIS guidelines to protect eight RCW colony sites from rapidly encroaching beetle infestations in and around Little Lake Creek Wilderness, only to be enjoined again by Fritz and other environmentalists (Sierra Club et al.
In Zolin, the Ninth Circuit reasoned that the conditional-enforcement order did not violate section 7421 because the IRS merely was enjoined from disclosing the return information to another agency and was not restricted in its use of such return information for purposes of assessment and collection of taxes.
district court has enjoined the Army from continuing the construction of a proposed aerosol toxin laboratory at the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah.
Sulyman Abdulkareem, has enjoined students to enlist in Man' O War, Nigeria's oldest uniformed volunteer organisation.
The Environment and Lands court in Murang'a has dismissed an application by Del Monte to be enjoined in a case seeking to stop renewal of its land lease.
The Department of Education (DepEd) enjoined the public - particularly students and teachers in both public and private schools - to learn and be inspired from the sacrifices of their forefathers as the country commemorates "Araw ng Kagitingan" Tuesday.
The court also enjoined the Department of Energy and Energy Regulatory Commission from issuing a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, provisional authority to operate or other permits for the operations of MORE.