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Most importantly, the laws of this country enjoin us to presume others innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.
We have religious duties, which also enjoin us to live a moral and ethical life.
Unilateral declaration of war is abhorrent to us on several counts, since our scriptures enjoin us to be scrupulous concerning due legal process,' it states.
The demand to which these writers enjoin us to respond is to confront at the heart or at the edge of literature a meditation on the possibility of literature as such, which is also a meditation on death and on finitude.
It's no wonder First Nations enjoin us to look seven generations into the future before we do something irreparable to the environment.
Contemporary moral reform movements, for example, anti-abortion, environmental, and anti-pornography movements, draw on significantly different and only partially overlapping constituencies that do not readily fit into marginalized categories and enjoin us to pay attention to the substantive normative and political projects of the participants.