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engulf in (something)

To overwhelm and consume someone or something. The house was totally engulfed in flames by the time firefighters got there.
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engulf someone or something in something

[for the fog, a flood, or waves] to swallow up someone or something. The fog engulfed the small town in heavy mist. The waves engulfed the small boat in thousands of gallons of water.
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Caption: Figure 1: Significant neutrophilic engulfment in the cytoplasm of tumor cells with moderate pleomorphism (H.E., x200).
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The results obtained from this study have revealed that the administration of phyllanthin in mice has significantly inhibited the engulfment of E.coli by peritoneal macrophages.
engulfment as post-Enlightenment,neo-imperial identitarian exercise of
The bearish engulfment on Friday may provide the foundation for prices to trade towards the 1.0500 support.
Thus the Sunni Middle East risks engulfment by four concurrent sources: Shiite-governed Iran and its legacy of Persian imperialism; ideologically and religiously radical movements striving to overthrow prevalent political structures; conflicts within each state between ethnic and religious groups arbitrarily assembled after World War I into (now collapsing) states; and domestic pressures stemming from detrimental political, social and economic domestic policies.
* Early warning system--An early warning system that continuously monitors for engulfment hazards upstream must be provided.
Some genetic evidence now links three big groups to a single ancestral engulfment of chlorophyll c, Simpson says.
They are engulfment, or the fear of being taken over by others, implosion and petrification.
Present study describes the effects of ketoprofen on cell mediated immunity as measured through macrophage engulfment, nitric oxide (NO) detection, cyclophosphamide induced neutropenia and delayed type hypersensitivity assays following injection of 1mg/kg and 5mg/kg of the drug into the mice.
The new guidance recognised that non-Cargill staff needed to be made aware of the risks of engulfment, and that hauliers should stay in their lorries.
Invading pathogens first interact with the innate immune system of the host, which presents significant barriers to survival and growth of microorganisms, including physical sequestration of the pathogen, nutrient limitation, enzymatic degradation of pathogen cell walls and membranes, actions of antimicrobial peptides, and engulfment and subsequent destruction by phagocytes.