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engulf in (something)

To overwhelm and consume someone or something. The house was totally engulfed in flames by the time firefighters got there.
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engulf someone or something in something

[for the fog, a flood, or waves] to swallow up someone or something. The fog engulfed the small town in heavy mist. The waves engulfed the small boat in thousands of gallons of water.
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The long red candle engulfing the entire trading range of the previous candle is signaling that the uptrend might be changing and traders with long positions should be careful.
They represent the only pocket of hope in the tides of despair now engulfing the city
Images and videos posted on social media show the flames engulfing several floors and smoke was billowing out from the building.
MANILA -- A fire is currently engulfing the Army Support Command (Ascom) of the Philippine Army Headquarters in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City Wednesday morning, a radio report said.
Fog started engulfing Lahore and several other cities in the province on Tuesday night reducing visibility to zero meter at several places during the early hours on Sunday.
IT looks like something out of a horror movie - weird white stuff engulfing the countryside.
The researchers hypothesized that the problem might be that dendritic cells simply have trouble engulfing and retaining parts of cancerous cells.
However, the reason of the fire engulfing is not yet confirmed.
A bowl of meths exploded and the fireball blew across the garden engulfing 25 children and their parents.
Soon these microvilli disappear and tiny blisters spring up in their place, engulfing the bacterial invaders.