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engulf in (something)

To overwhelm and consume someone or something. The house was totally engulfed in flames by the time firefighters got there.
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engulf someone or something in something

[for the fog, a flood, or waves] to swallow up someone or something. The fog engulfed the small town in heavy mist. The waves engulfed the small boat in thousands of gallons of water.
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Nadeem, a resident of Mohalla Railway Station, said he thought it was smog that had engulfed the city but when he went through the weather forecast he became worried and contacted different people in Hattar to find out the reason.
Firefighters from Paracale and neighboring town of Labo also responded but the house was fully engulfed with flames when they arrived.
A 50-year-old man is in serious condition at Nicosia Hospital's ICU with severe burns after he was engulfed by flames as he tried to put a fire near his farm in Yeri.
The blaze which engulfed a shopping mall under construction left material damage, but no human losses.
A YOUNG man had a lucky escape after a candle he had just lit engulfed his bedroom in flames.
THIS is the horrific moment a fireball engulfed a barmaid after an electronic cigarette exploded in a packed pub.
Bales of recycled paper, mdf, wood and chipboard went up in flames leaving the area engulfed in thick smoke.
YENy DELHy (CyHAN)- Goods worth lakhs of rupees were gutted when a fire engulfed a godown where PVC pipes were stored in Paharganj area of New Delhi.
The vehicle pulled over and some of the passengers managed to get out whilst others were trapped as the vehicle was engulfed in flames.
Police said the fire broke out in sheds erected for shooting of a film and the flames engulfed a nearby apartment occupied by the victimized family.
government has expressed desire to send special forces to protect its embassy in Khartoum after a series of protests against a US-made film defaming Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) engulfed in most countries of the Islamic world.
Another, smaller wildfire in the Rile Mountain, broke out fresh, and has engulfed 75 acres.
Smoke could not find a way out and engulfed the entire building, trapping those inside.
I WISH I WERE ENGULFED IN FLAMES: MY INSANE LIFE RAISING TWO BOYS WITH AUTISM could also have been featured in our 'health section but is reviewed here for its wider interest to any library strong in memoirs and autobiography.
Summary: Astro the horse was saved after becoming engulfed in a mud 'like quicksand' on a beach in Geelong, south of Melbourne.