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engross in (something)

To capture and hold someone's interest in something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "engross" and "in." Dad is engrossed in fixing the car, so he can't talk right now. Although Dad tries to engross me in auto repairs, they're just not interesting to me. I'm sorry I didn't call you back—I got engrossed in a movie.
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engross someone in something

to occupy someone's time or thinking with something. You can't expect me to engross Tom in my work. We were all engrossed in what the speaker had to say.
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Engrossment is where the viewer has total focus on the film with a high level of involvement.
Unlike the rest of the film, this sequence is shot indoors and in black and white and so it may at first seem out of place in the film's overall composition, but I would like to suggest that it offers poignant focus on themes of engrossment and spectacle.
This interactive, relational process consists of three components: Engrossment, action and reciprocity.
In fact, the films' engrossment with political features can help intersect any governmental boundaries China may face in trying to spread its power (Teo, 2011).
This is similar to what Noddings (1984, 1992) refers to as "engrossment" or "feeling with" another person.
But Koppelman is nonetheless onto something: the state does redistribute wealth upward in a wide variety of ways, from massive theft and land engrossment to intellectual property privileges to subsidies to bailouts to licensing rules to building codes to zoning regulations to sales taxes to limits on access to land and capital-all tend to make and keep people poor.
Efficacious people foster intrinsic interest and deep engrossment in activities and maintain strong commitment to them.
Containing 38 illustrations, this collection of Desmazieres' exquisite rare etchings in color accompanied by Mauries' text explore the engrossment Browne and other collectors have had with accumulating recondite objects and how these curiosities have entered the mainstream, becoming emblems of the vanity of earthly life and the constraints of mortality.
24, [section] 4 n.18 (noting further that the findings in the preamble of a joint resolution "are amendable after engrossment and prior to third reading of the joint resolution").
Khater warned that Israel was plotting to take advantage of preoccupation of the Palestinians with their internal disputes and the Arabs' engrossment in the "spring events" to take further and dramatic steps to complete its judization policies in the occupied territories.
The artist's engrossment with Dvorak's compositions for piano two-hands is, however, evident not only in her text but also, and primarily, in her honest and winsome playing.
As a direct result of engrossment in the value management process, participants generally attain a better general understanding of the scheme.
Thus, Burke finds his own arguments playing out within "three different 'spheres' of action": "intimate relations (processes of development in different stages of the individual's development, in personal contacts)"; in "public relations (as exemplified in the processes of past and contemporary history)"; and, within the "processes of engrossment whereby works of art are organized" and so bureaucratized (p.