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engross in (something)

To capture and hold someone's interest in something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "engross" and "in." Dad is engrossed in fixing the car, so he can't talk right now. Although Dad tries to engross me in auto repairs, they're just not interesting to me. I'm sorry I didn't call you back—I got engrossed in a movie.
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engross someone in something

to occupy someone's time or thinking with something. You can't expect me to engross Tom in my work. We were all engrossed in what the speaker had to say.
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TODAY'S TOP TIPS AYR: 1.30 Earl Of Menteith, 2.00 ENGROSSING (NAP), 2.30 Eilean Mor, 3.00 Tectonic, 3.30 Balducci, 4.00 Jamesbo's Girl, 4.30 Thorntoun Lady, 5.00 A J Cook.
Tomorrow's tips AYR: 1.30 Earl Of Menteith, 2.00 ENGROSSING (NAP), 2.30 Eilean Mor, 3.00 Tectonic, 3.30 Balducci, 4.00 Jamesbo's Girl, 4.30 Thorntoun Lady, 5.00 A J Cook.
But, while it's engrossing, director Antoine Fuqua's film relies too much on cliches when it should have been more pacy and exciting.
This provides an engrossing story with a cover that reflects the futuristic theme--smeared zeros and ones in the background with a provocative female Imagofas in the foreground.
"Washaka the Bear Dreamer: A Lakota Story Based On Leon Hale's Dreamr" is an engrossing new Lakota story based on a recurring series of dreams experienced by Leon Hale.
An engrossing blend of biography, history and science reflects the achievements of a program and its effects on those who made it their lives when the world moved on.
Readers who believe in the power of voodoo or are willing to suspend their own disbelief will be rewarded with an engrossing, intense read.
Young (1996's Parallel Sons), this deceptively compact but unquantifiable little film shines on numerous levels with its smoldering love story, engrossing performances, and wealth of social observations.
From general information on how to make small talk safely and avoid common communication problems, to body language recommendations and warnings against inappropriate gestures in different nations (for example, a raised thumb is considered offensive in Australia and the Middle East), to countless case studies of problems and communication issues brought about by different cultural norms and expectations, When in Rome or Rio or Riyadh is not only a "must-have" resource for globetrotters but also an engrossing to lay readers curious about the sharp differences in how folks from different nations relate.
His careful research, excellent synthetic skills, and the wealth of illustrations that accompany his text make this book an informative and engrossing read.
Sometimes shocking, often amusing but always engrossing, the world of The Cazalets deals with love, loss, passion and death in a Britain that will never be the same again.
In this ornate morality play about a Victorian family's war of attrition on behalf of a boy accused of theft, lines of innocence and guilt are subtly drawn, and we soon find ourselves in an engrossing, high-stakes chess match of accusations and denials that will haunt and delight long after the credits roll by.
By and large, this memoir is an engrossing account of a journey through several American landscapes.
Asmus's study of Leonardo's engrossing masterpiece is farfrom over.
Remember Me Like This was named one of the New York Times' 100 Notable Books for 2014, and its appearance in paperback assures new audiences will find its approach not just engrossing, but difficult to put down.