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Upon a handsome center-table stood a large silver oil-can, richly engraved with scenes from the past adventures of the Tin Woodman, Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow: the lines of the engraving being traced upon the silver in yellow gold.
Even his cuff-buttons were engraved with hieroglyphics, and he was more inscribed than an Egyptian obelisk.
The focus of GWs Radiance Glass is large format decorative glass products engraved with Radiances surface laser engraving technology from its German partner, Cerion Laser.
The PS5 notes are engraved with the line from Pride and Prejudice: "I hope I never ridicule what is wise or good".
For women, the personalized key ring is engraved with a delicate floral pattern around the center section.
For this is one of the most profusely decorated pieces of brassware I've ever come across - every square centimetre has been engraved with designs of animals, figures, peacocks, flowers and foliage, while any space in-between has been filled with literally thousands of punched dots, each one done by hand.
Every square centimetre is engraved with designs of animals, figures, flowers and foliage
It is engraved with Abi's name on the bell section.
B9634 Saddle rifle, engraved with initials LK on lever
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) then refused to honor her husband with a memorial plaque engraved with the symbol of their Wiccan faith, Stewart's loss was greatly compounded.
Throughout the period, however, the common-time signature, slurs, ornaments, and ties appear to have been engraved with a burin.
All conceivable contours, arcs and curves can be engraved with the required specifications and tolerances.
However it would take an unusually stupid lawyer to argue that your customer planned to ditch the "evidence weapon" when the gun is engraved with his name.
The company's letterhead also won a Best in Category for Law Firms- Engraved with a supplementary process.
45 with the "gunfighter" length 4 3/4" barrel, also fully engraved with ivory grips initialed GSP.