engrave (something) on (something)

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engrave (something) on (something)

To etch or carve something onto a surface or material. The woman at the store said that they can engrave our wedding date on the picture frame.
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engrave something (up)on something

1. . Lit. to cut letters or a design into the surface of something; to engrave something on(to) something. Todd engraved his initials into the bark of the tree. Their names were engraved onto each of their wedding rings. He asked them to engrave his initials upon the back of his watch. He engraved his name on the desktop.
2. Fig. to imprint something firmly on someone's mind. I engraved the combination to the safe upon my brain. The teacher engraved the definition of a noun into my memory.
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engrave something on(to) something

to cut symbols into the surface of something. She engraved her initials onto the side of the tree. Ted engraved her name on the bracelet.
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See it engraved on the plate of crosses for this volume, plate 14.
Engraved on his lever-action .22 was a beautiful white-tailed, 10-point buck running away from but looking back at an African lion in pursuit of his dinner.
For almost a decade, Wiccan groups such as Circle Sanctuary and individuals such as Stewart have urged the VA to relent and allow the pentacle to be engraved on headstones, markers and plaques of Wiccan service members.