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engorge itself on (someone or something)

Of an insect or animal, to drink and fill itself with blood. Unfortunately, it looks like the tick had already engorged itself on your blood before we found it.
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engorge (itself) on someone or something

 and engorge (itself) with something
[for an animal] to drink its fill of blood. The vampire bat engorged itself on a number of creatures last night. Mosquitoes engorge on human victims. The mosquitoes engorged themselves with my blood all night long.
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About 85% of them faced problems related to breast such as sore nipple and engorgement in the previous postnatal period and half of them discontinued breast-feeding in the previous pregnancy.
Whatever the explanation, SDSS-III has provided a wealth of new information on the engorgement of the Sagittarius galaxy.
I had engorgement when I started breastfeeding, which was sore, but that was down to bad positioning and when I sorted that out it was a lot easier.
Following "Rub" and "Nibble," the engorgement assisting plant is headlined by the word "Swallow.
odes scapular'is, commonly known as the deer tick, that's been attached to the skin for more than 36 hours based upon the extent of engorgement with blood,
Although there has been little previous scientific evaluation of pelvic nerve stimulated vaginal engorgement and clitoral erectile mechanisms, there is no logical reasons why the multiple available technologies cannot be applied and rapidly expand the physiological/pathophysiological knowledge base of female sexual dysfunction.
It is used during fluoroscopic examination to help visualize esophageal varices because it also causes engorgement of intrathoracic vascular structures.
The tick must be reliably identified as an adult or nymphal Ixodes scapularis, commonly known as the deer tick, that's been attached to the skin for more than 36 hours based upon the extent of engorgement with blood.
Objectively determined genital arousal disorder very likely derives from neurovascular causes and is likely to respond to PDE5 inhibitors, but subjective arousal disorder with normal vulvar and vaginal engorgement and lubrication is not likely to respond to these agents.
Data recorded included the instar, stage of engorgement (0 = unfed, 1 = semi-engorged, 2 = fully engorged), and host species (human, dog, or cat).
Generally, a nursing mom with mastitis will feel progressively worse and her breasts increasingly tender - unlike with a plugged duct or simple engorgement, during which she should gradually feel better rather than worse.
Despite regular intake of his treatment, he had noticed engorgement of his left leg and he was hospitalised for further exploration.