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engage (one) in (something)

1. To do some task or activity. In this usage, "engage in" is usually a set phrase. Dad is engaged in fixing the car, so he can't talk right now.
2. To include or involve one in something. Phil is always making snide comments, but I refuse to let him engage me in an argument.
3. To occupy one with a task or activity. See if you can engage the kids in a game this afternoon so that I can get some work done.
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engage in small talk

To chat with someone, usually a stranger or acquaintance, about benign topics (such as the weather or one's employment). Because Tom and Joe had never met before, they engaged in small talk by the appetizers. If you think that girl's pretty, go over and engage in small talk with her.
See also: engage, small, talk

engage (someone) to (someone)

To betroth oneself or someone to someone else; to enter two people into an engagement to be married. I refuse to let my family engage me to a man I've never met before.
See also: engage

engage in small talk

to talk only about minor matters rather than important matters or personal matters. All the people at the party were engaging in small talk. They chatted about the weather and otherwise engaged in small talk.
See also: engage, small, talk
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But, while the plot bobbed along engagingly enough, long, leisurely scenes of class exercises seemed indulgent.
In Madison Avenue Maxi, the wife of a movie star provides an inherently fascinating and engagingly personal memoir of the life and times of the family dog, a miniature dachshund she and her husband adopted, and offers up whimsical, fun anecdotes on how to dog became a part of their fast-paced, globe-trotting lifestyle.
They were a touch soft, but engagingly so - and they warmed me up nicely on a cold afternoon.
Crisp, articulate, deftly woven and engagingly presented, Marcia Slatkin's poetry reflects the conditions of hard physical labor, deep connections to animals, and intimate appreciation with respect to the rhythms of life.
The authors engagingly illustrate the life and accomplishments of the great leader who helped African Americans obtain the right to vote during an arduous time in this country's history.
Young readers of this engagingly entertaining picturebook will find themselves totally engrossed in the story--right down to the surprise at the end
It is, as Nurser so engagingly tells us, a remarkable story that deserves to be more widely heard and understood.
What meets the reader is breathtakingly charming and engagingly beautiful.
Here, the unusual story of the late Farlow -- who walked away from the jazz world in his prime to work in peace as a sign painter -- is told engagingly by filmmaker Lorenzo DeStefano.
The authors provide sufficient basic science background to bring the uninitiated up to speed on a variety of exotic and recently introduced microbes in engagingly titled chapters such as "The Birds that Fell from the Sky" (West Nile), "Corona of Death" (SARS), and "Something in the Water" (Cryptosporidium).
Still, Crawford often writes engagingly and has his moments of perceptiveness and clarity.
They would be run ethically, compassionately, and engagingly for students.
This is the second in a series of engagingly animated and lighthearted videos featuring a little puffin named Puffer who drops in on famous artists and explains their life and work.
All are engagingly written for piano duet, tastefully utilizing nearly the entire range of the keyboard.
With his insider perspective, engagingly homey style, and attention to the personal stories of those involved, Moats creates an invaluable and edifying case study n a war that has now spread nationwide.