engage (one) in (something)

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engage (one) in (something)

1. To do some task or activity. In this usage, "engage in" is usually a set phrase. Dad is engaged in fixing the car, so he can't talk right now.
2. To include or involve one in something. Phil is always making snide comments, but I refuse to let him engage me in an argument.
3. To occupy one with a task or activity. See if you can engage the kids in a game this afternoon so that I can get some work done.
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engage someone or something in something

1. . to make someone or a group busy doing something. She knew how to engage the boys in useful activity. The den mother engaged the scouts in a woodworking project.
2. to draw someone or something into something. The enemy sought to engage our troops in battle but failed. I tried to engage Gerald in conversation.
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engage in

1. To participate in some activity: The soldiers engaged in combat. The law students engaged in a mock trial.
2. To involve or draw someone or something into some activity: I engaged the new student in conversation. I was engaged in deep thought when the fire alarm went off.
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The days of the elements engaged in the politics of lies, chaos and hypocrisy are numbered.
In a process that will significantly improve their combat worthiness, four Sindhughosh-class (Russian Kilo) and 2 Shishumar-class (German HDW) submarines will be engaged in life extension and refit.
LAHORE -- PML-N Finance Secretary Punjab Mian Marghoob Ahmed said the elements engaged in negative activities would gain nothing,whereas Pakistan Muslim League-N would continue to take Pakistan forward.
He said those engaged in sit-ins wanted to undermine economic process and deprive the poor people of their livelihood but the politically conscious people of the country would stand as a rock against the negative designs of the enemies of progress of the country.
Tahirul Qadri were just wasting time in protests and sit-ins while Premier Nawaz Sharif was engaged in serving the country and making efforts to uplift living standard of common man.
Millions of Indians were engaged in the struggle for freedom.
Quoting Cornel West and Roberto Unger, Cole said, "It is not hope that gets people engaged in struggle.
In both cases, a large part of the interested public responded with horror: The conclusion generally drawn in both cases was that the courts had engaged in cutting-edge analysis and decision-making on the production (and by extension, the maintenance) of electronic records and data.
124) The NA permits the INS to deport or exclude an individual who has supported or given money to an organization for its legal, social, or charitable activities if any arm of that organization also has engaged in terrorism.
When some visitors to the country, who privately disparage public, mainstream culture, engaged in an act of criminal violence against that culture, many citizens embraced an all too familiar response: find and expel the foreigners in our midst.
The unmarried and widows often engaged in litigation related to marriage settlements, jointures, uses and trusts.
Thus, the armed commando seen reaching for Elian was engaged in a courageous rescue of the boy from harm.
PETA and other animal rights groups are engaged in a multimillion-dollar campaign running the gamut from slick direct-mail advertising to harassment, destruction and terrorism.
Almost all of the information gleaned so far has concerned females engaged in laying eggs, because that is the only time that scientists can easily observe turtles, says Morreale.