engage to

engage to (someone)

1. To be betrothed to someone. In this usage, "engage to" is a set phrase. You know Kelly's engaged to Cristina, so stop flirting with her! Alicia sported a gorgeous diamond ring after getting engaged to Ed.
2. To betroth oneself or someone to someone. I refuse to let my family engage me to a man I've never met before.
See also: engage

engage someone to someone

to betroth someone to someone. Her parents engaged her to the man she ended up marrying. She engaged herself to some guy she met at a singles bar.
See also: engage
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The Engage Suite is a standards-based, enterprise-class set of software solutions designed and developed by Engage to help companies individually distinguish, understand, and interact with anonymous prospects and customers in personalized marketing, sales, and service relationships via the Web.
A major opportunity that involves the delivery of Radio Station program delivery from over terrestrial circuits with IP Satellite backup encouraged Engage to enhance the Protector option to provide 700 milliseconds of synchronized redundancy," according to Mark Doyle, Engage Communication President.
Under the terms of the transaction, CMGI canceled approximately $60 million in debt owed by Engage to CMGI and transferred to Engage for retirement approximately 148.
OTCBB: ENGA), a pioneer in enterprise software and services for advertisers, marketers and publishers, today announced that it has adopted a stockholder rights plan designed to protect the long-term interests of Engage and its stockholders in the event of an unsolicited takeover attempt by, among other things, encouraging potential acquirers of Engage to negotiate with the Board of Directors so as to enhance the Board's ability to achieve the best possible value for all of Engage's stockholders.
The plaintiffs allege a breach of fiduciary duty by CMGI and Engage's board of directors, as well as seek to enjoin Engage from effecting a proposed reverse stock split and the issuance of shares to CMGI upon conversion of promissory notes issued by Engage to CMGI.
The implementation of this agreement continues this leadership and will allow Engage to offer more traditional advertisers effective brand building opportunities online.
com wireless Web site, the 2Roam Catalyst Wireless Server alerts Engage to display the one-line Jiffy Lube teaser.
Aggressively Positions Engage to Drive Offline and Online
This agreement will enable Engage to incorporate its ProfileServer technology into Compaq's eBusiness solutions, delivering sophisticated profiling and personalization capabilities to Compaq customers.
The forward-looking statements in this release address a variety of subjects including, for example, the expected benefits and growth resulting from Engage's acquisition of Flycast and Adsmart, the expected ability to integrate the operations of Flycast and Adsmart with the operations of Engage, the ability of the combined company to offer specific solutions to marketers and online audiences, and the ability of Engage to provide superior targeting to its customers.
AdManager utilizes the powerful behavior based profiling capabilities of Engage to provide targeted marketing opportunities for media buyers.
We are pleased that an industry leader such as AltaVista has selected Engage to enhance its current targeting environment and offer its customers a greater return on their marketing investment.
amp;uot;Leveraging core competencies across these companies will enable Engage to present a powerful blend of marketing expertise, technologies, and services that are unmatched in the industry,&uot; explained George Garrick, chairman and CEO of Flycast.