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enforce (something) on (one)

To make one subject to something, such as a rule or law. Are you really going to enforce this law on me, your own sister? Management is trying to enforce mandatory overtime on us.
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enforce something on someone

to make a law effective with regard to someone. I can't enforce this on her if I don't enforce it on you. This law can't be enforced on anyone.
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The EEOC enforces federal fair employment laws, which prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, age and disability, and sexual harassment.
The NLRB enforces the National Labor Relations Act, which gives workers the right to join or refrain from union activity and also forbids employers from retaliating against union organizers.
Recognition of arbitration as a means to resolve disputes dates back to 1925, when the United States Congress passed the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) to provide a mechanism for individuals and entities to sue in federal court to enforce arbitration agreements.
Adams that greatly enhanced an employer's ability to enforce compulsory arbitration agreements.
The Court's decision made clear that the FAA applied to the vast majority of employees and was available to employers seeking to enforce compulsory arbitration agreements.
This committee would, among other duties, enforce the ethics code.
An ethics committee, with the authority to enforce the code, can succeed in accomplishing these tasks.
The legislation requires companies to establish and enforce certain controls over the use of information provided by children under 13, chief among them being parental consent.
Companies must establish and enforce a "corporate privacy policy" that is applied consistently across all of their operations, whether paper-based or online, Lyles advises.