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enforce (something) on (one)

To make one subject to something, such as a rule or law. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enforce" and "on." Are you really going to enforce this law on me, your own sister?
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enforce something on someone

to make a law effective with regard to someone. I can't enforce this on her if I don't enforce it on you. This law can't be enforced on anyone.
See also: enforce, on
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The only well-defined characteristic the offenders shared was that they assaulted or killed a law enforcement officer.
To be included in this publication, law enforcement agencies must have submitted hate crime data for at least 1 month of the calendar year.
The Association of State Uniform Crime Reporting Programs (ASUCRP) focuses on UCR issues within individual state law enforcement associations and also promotes interest in the UCR Program.
An effective enforcement strategy must be equitable and ensure that similarly situated taxpayers are being treated alike.
What the USA Patriot Act does, and its impact: Amends the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to permit educational institutions to disclose education records to federal law enforcement officials without student consent in some circumstances:
EPA officials respond that their own (federal) enforcement program is in good health, and there is some evidence for that: frees collected from polluters and civil referrals to the Justice Department have grown in recent years.
Militarized law enforcement impacts disproportionately on Mexican Americans because both are concentrated in the border area.
For the past ten years, the Federal Reserve and the other federal bank supervisory agencies have required banking organizations to report suspected criminal activities to us, as well as to various federal law enforcement agencies.
For more information about EPA's national enforcement and compliance programs, visit: http://www.
The second impediment preventing law enforcement agencies from routinely electronically recording interrogations, and perhaps the most important, is that agencies do not possess the proper equipment to adequately perform the task.
The UCR Program presents crime counts for the Nation as a whole, as well as for regions, states, counties, cities, towns, tribal law enforcement, and colleges and universities.
In submitting data to the national UCR Program, law enforcement counts one offense for each victim of crimes against persons.
This publication supplies information about the 52 officers added to the list of men and women in the service of law enforcement who were feloniously killed in the line of duty.
The Anti-Defamation League is joining in the battle against hate crimes and will formally announce today it is forming a committee to share information with law enforcement authorities.
Jerry Lewis complains that environmental officials "are in the enforcement business almost for the sake of it, rather than for what they can accomplish.