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enforce (something) on (one)

To make one subject to something, such as a rule or law. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enforce" and "on." Are you really going to enforce this law on me, your own sister?
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enforce something on someone

to make a law effective with regard to someone. I can't enforce this on her if I don't enforce it on you. This law can't be enforced on anyone.
See also: enforce, on
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Based upon the Court of Appeals' decision and guidelines, the restrictive covenants of most CPA firms will not be deemed enforceable and may, in fact, be such an extreme departure from the standards announced by the court that they will not even qualify for reformation.
6 Determine minimum data availability for each pollutant - The facility must ensure that the monitoring satisfies the minimum data availability specified for any averaging time under any federally enforceable requirement.
Under the enforceable undertaking, the bank needs to review transactions for seven years and provide AUSTRAC with any outstanding reports.
principal negotiating objectives "equally" in that the principal remedies for labor and commercial disputes are "equivalent;" and (5) are preferable to enforceable core labor standards because the latter could raise sovereignty issues.
Several cases have stated that without legal advice, a pre-nuptial agreement is unlikely to be enforceable.
As a matter of federal law, however, the current owner of contaminated property, among other potentially responsible parties, is subject to an enforceable obligation for cleanup costs.
Taking a dim view of Mayor James Hahn's proposals to reform campaign financing in Los Angeles, officials from the city Ethics Commission questioned Tuesday whether parts of the plan would be practical, enforceable or even legal.
When a physician announces his or her departure, the medical group often asks whether the covenant is enforceable.
The Svea Court of Appeal has declared that the previous decision, made by the local Commercial Court in Seville, regarding provisional attachment to a value of EUR 141 million on assets belonging to Boliden, is enforceable in Sweden.
It might be enforceable in a court of law this contract, but it's not enforceable in the court of public opinion and that's where the Government steps in.
Baillie's bill aims to make all bays under council control legally enforceable.
A restriction on the transfer of a beneficial interest of the debtor in a trust that is enforceable under applicable nonbankruptcy law is enforceable in a case under this fide.
In the process of applying this provision, some governments have had difficulty interpreting the requirement that those restrictions be "legally enforceable.
Time: Agreements signed on the steps of the church with a husband stating he will not marry his bride unless she signs will struggle to be enforceable.
The Court held that the FAA applied, and that the arbitration agreement was valid and enforceable.