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enforce (something) on (one)

To make one subject to something, such as a rule or law. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enforce" and "on." Are you really going to enforce this law on me, your own sister?
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enforce something on someone

to make a law effective with regard to someone. I can't enforce this on her if I don't enforce it on you. This law can't be enforced on anyone.
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There are two key tasks related to "enforceability" that vendors should perform to prepare for forthcoming revenue standards.
The Florida Supreme Court affirmed, and in so doing, created a two-prong test to determine the enforceability of charitable pledges against a decedent's estate.
"[...] First, we do not appear to have drawn his distinction between validity and enforceability, instead seeming to treat those words as synonyms in the forum-selection clause context.
This holding is binding only on courts in the Eighth Circuit and does not enjoy nationwide enforceability. It will be left for a later Supreme Court, with its full coterie of nine justices, to finally resolve the enforceability of Regulation B's limits on spousal guarantees.
In July 2014, during a session of UNCITRAL that took place in New York, a Proposal to undertake work on the preparation of a convention on the enforceability of international commercial settlement agreements reached through mediation/conciliation was put forward to UNCITRAL by the government of the United States of America.
Court seeks to sign an agreement that will enhance enforceability of its rulings.
The Bill would create a statutory framework for public procurement, which will provide greater accountability, transparency and enforceability of the regulatory framework.
In a settlement of a patent infringement lawsuit, Contract Pharmacal agreed to stop producing and selling the store brand insomnia remedy or "any substantially similar product." Contract Pharmacal also won't challenge the validity or enforceability of MidNite's patent.
Contract Pharmacal also won't challenge the validity or enforceability of the MidNite patent, Concepts In Health said, Financial and other terms of the settlement weren't disclosed.
Article 38 allows for the enforceability of judgments cross-border.
After the divorce case of wealthy heiress Katrin Radmacher last October, which saw the Supreme Court back the enforceability of prenuptial agreements, the Law Commission has announced it is carrying out a consultation, with the possibility of making pre-nups legally binding.
Under the terms of the settlement the court made no findings on validity, enforceability or infringement of the Minkus patent and no admissions were made by the parties involved regarding those issues or the merits of the case.
The previous filing asked the court to uphold the "validity and enforceability of the permits" and that it order that agencies that granted the permit to renew those that have expired.
This April, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the issue of who should decide claims as to the unenforceability of an agreement to arbitrate the enforceability of an arbitration agreement--an arbitrator or a court.
But when, as here, a party challenges the enforceability of the agreement as a whole, the arbitrator hears the challenge, not the court.