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enfold (oneself or someone) in (something)

To wrap or envelope oneself or someone in something. As soon as I got in from the cold, I enfolded myself in a blanket and sat in front of the fire.
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enfold someone in something

to wrap or contain someone in something. He enfolded the tiny baby in a soft blanket. Sarah enfolded herself in the silk sheets and giggled with glee.
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When it comes to enfolding, then, it is "as if the equation of the world had to be inscribed twice, once in the minds that conceive it more or less distinctly, and a second time in a Nature that makes it possible in the form of two calculi" (101-02).
Each of these forms of software is, in themselves, a different form of enfolding.
Perhaps "the truth" is in the enfolding darkness against which Mulder's and Dogget's offices can erect only the flimsiest hedge.
Perhaps taking his cue from turn-of-the-century Parisian brothels, Nouvel has transformed the 1100m top floor gallery space at his disposal into a sequence of enfolding, dimly-lit ambiences that pulsate with verve, warmth and joie-de-vivre.
The Enfolding, which has stood in the city for 25 years, was pushed off its pedestal and smashed shortly after midnight.
Proving himself adept at finding the cloud enfolding any silver lining, Ashkin skirts the edge of self-parody, but his single-mindedness pays off as the web of detail in each scene parallels the operation of memory itself.
A sinuous concrete block wall swells and billows to mimic the double curve of the street, enfolding the domestic compound in a protective embrace.
The Enfolding, a carving of a mother and child embracing, was pushed over and smashed into pieces.
Floor to ceiling and wall to wall, the room was filled with grids of phosphor green LEDs, a pulsating web that enacted the amplitude and regularity--the sinister, sci-fi totality and oddly maternal sense of enfolding volu me--implied by the word matrix.
The burnished classicism is poised yet hot-headed, with Fishwick's trumpet crisply peppering swiftly and Roberts enfolding all with his warm tenor tone.
Occasionally, Kucera's selves fade in and out, or into one another, or jerk/skip as if they've hit a glitch--effects, be they deliberate or happily accidental, that slyly implicate imaging and its means in the formulation of identity and leave you considering the merging and splitting, unfolding and enfolding, as well as doubting and delusion, involved in grappling with the self.
Its repertoire concentrates on the softer, seductive moment, highlighting the gentle, enfolding brush of Scott's warm soloing sound.
Tim has a rich, enfolding tone, while Giovanni is a constantly darting presence.