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enfold (oneself or someone) in (something)

To wrap or envelope oneself or someone in something. As soon as I got in from the cold, I enfolded myself in a blanket and sat in front of the fire.
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enfold someone in something

to wrap or contain someone in something. He enfolded the tiny baby in a soft blanket. Sarah enfolded herself in the silk sheets and giggled with glee.
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I enfold/am enfolded in a vinculum of recognition in which two bodies encounter each other, I am/we are then enfolded in a vinculum or strata in which friend-enemy is found.
Randolph Bourne, the Young Intellectuals, the Lost Generation, The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Students for a Democratic Society, Abbie Hoffman, the Yippies, and Generation X all were enfolded within a discourse that constituted them as units and framed their activity in relation to both tradition and creativity.
Johnson appeared in the middle of the ballet with a partner, who alternately raised her high or enfolded her in a ball.
In the early Ptolemaic system of astronomy (see Ptolemy ), there were nine spheres; hence Milton, in his Arcades, speaks of the " celestial syrens ' harmony that sit upon the nine enfolded spheres.
Upon completion of the acquisition, superDimension would be enfolded in the endomechnical line of the Covidien's medical device division.
There's nothing more satisfying than to put the latest book down, reluctantly, at the end with good having triumphed, the bad guys confounded, the fair safely enfolded in the arms of the brave and the world seeming a better place.
This time the opposition was not so generous and a tremendous game enfolded with Merebrook refusing to roll over easily.
Mikaelsen writes of events during the bitter civil war in Guatemala in the 1980s, based on a story told to him by a survivor of this war The narrator, Gabriela, is living in a small Mayan village, attending school nearby, enfolded in a loving family, when disaster strikes.
All are enfolded into a dreamy parade of memories--and so, with biting irony, are sequences depicting a McCarthy-esque homosexual witch-hunt, Arenas's trumped-up arrest for "molestation," and a brutal spell of solitary confinement in El Morro.
Beethoven gruffly saw in last night's concert and smilingly sent us on our way with a programme which enfolded two early 20th century concertante English works.
That's because they were slightly crispier, and again cleverly enfolded in a crepelike manner with the tender earthiness of wild mushrooms into what the menu terms ``canneloni,'' paired with the even stronger earthiness of summer truffles and the matching fresh and slightly bitter crunch of frisee.
Maybe we learn to suspend our belief in endings from the earth, from seasons that turn and are enfolded into the next.
That being the case, the virtual wall of silence which enfolded the major news item of 1998 was wholly predictable.
The many spectators--mesmerized by the dance, the sounds of the dancers moving, the song, and the sun--follow the dance as it moves from one to another of San Juan's plazas, enfolded by the earthen adobe houses and, beyond them, the protecting mountains.
Enfolded in the rough blue-and-white cotton sari of her order, Mother Teresa stood beneath biblical murals on Dec.