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enfold (oneself or someone) in (something)

To wrap or envelope oneself or someone in something. As soon as I got in from the cold, I enfolded myself in a blanket and sat in front of the fire.
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enfold someone in something

to wrap or contain someone in something. He enfolded the tiny baby in a soft blanket. Sarah enfolded herself in the silk sheets and giggled with glee.
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To enfold notions of a higher duty or moral code would be as ridiculous as seeking to apply moral or religious principles to reconstruct those I encounter in FPS gamespace.
In a case first heard last July, Newgate accused P enfold of arranging the sale of Solar Star and River Jig to partnerships in which he had a financial interest - either as a partner or through Mary-Ann Clark, now his wife - and that these interests ``were neither disclosed to nor approved by P rince Fahd'' when he was alive.
I CALLED HER SOFTLY I CALLED her softly, several times silence Was my only reply, The jigsaw lies in front of me, in deep distracted Disarray, The pieces turn and twist, shuffling beyond Shape and fit, Bit by bit, contour and touch, they move from Echo into memory, Each one willing me to pick up, lift and dry, fit And fix, permanence; For her picture is of dreams, of flesh and bone, And a beating heart, Her name is whispered to me, as eagle soars, and Raven waits, Clouds enfold, night holds out arms, wanting My dark embrace, The pieces come alive before my eyes, as I Reimagine her in the light, Oh darkness, why hide that which is surely gone Beyond me?
As each track attempts to enfold the ears in thick and cloying layers of strings and schmaltzy orchestration, you feel yourself drowning in something with little emotional depth or musical consequence.
If you have a warm home to live in Maybe only two up and two down Two loving arms That enfold you and whispering words To pick you up when your down The patter of little feet Running to meet you When they see you From work coming home Eyes shining with love and laughter Calling to mum that your home And if in the evening You're together, playing gamesAnd having some fun Then the largest lottery win In all the world Won't measure up To the wealth you have won
To the sound of an improbably celestial choir (music by Arvo Part), the women, with their long hair flying like angels', gently enfold the men and are enfolded by them in a rare moment of peace and tenderness in this pressure-cooker piece.
I enfold my arms to children like you, you who have been so cruelly served,
They wanted to enfold into their paintings the aromatic smells of Provence, or the warmed breezes of Corsica and the south of France, or the brisk sea-winds of the Dutch coast, or the harsh textures of Catalonia.
Without making reference to any specific pop iconography, his amorphous configurations enfold the loopy contours and stylization of animated cartoons.
On the west, a curving arm continues the shell's sweep to enfold and shade a delicate crystalline body -- the southern glazed part of the hall.
by John Wall, Wavertree Winter's Eve WHEN twilight dims the valley The homely windows glow Like jewels in blue veiling And sparkling stars hang low When crisply from Nor'Eastards The freshening breezes blow There falls on roof and river Soft silkiness of snow Then night enfolds the houses Each wrapped in bridal white And waiting for each dweller Is dawn's enchanting sight.