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endow (someone or something) with (something)

1. To bestow a monetary donation on someone or something. A wealthy benefactor has endowed the college with a new scholarship.
2. To give or contribute something to someone or something. Rachel's absence this year really endowed the event with a degree of sadness.
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endowed with (something)

Having a certain innate attribute or trait. Meredith has been endowed with so much confidence—I wish I could just hop up on stage like her.
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endow someone or something with something

1. . to give something to someone or something. We endowed her with the courage she needed to do the job. Gerald endowed the proceedings with a distinctive atmosphere.
2. to provide someone or something with a large sum of money that will provide income. I will endow my alma mater with some of my fortune. The family endowed a chair in the humanities at the university.
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The founding or endowing of universities and public
Certainly," replied Michel, "and not only to distract ourselves, but also with the laudable intention of endowing the Selenite smoking divans with them.
The cost of endowing a bed is PS200, and it is the hope of the Mayor of Wallasey to raise sufficient to endow one bed by the sale of flags tomorrow, and to raise a second PS200 by means of the special matinee performances to be given at the Scala Theatre, Seacombe, next Wednesday; at the Winter Gardens, New Brighton, the following Wednesday; and at the Queen's Picturedrome, Poulton Road, Seacombe, on some day in the following week.
The two firms, CPPIB and China Vanke are endowing in a project situated in Qingdao, Shandong province in China.
By endowing the chair, SABIC seeks to create a world-class center of ex- cellence in polymer catalysis based on a synergistic collaboration between the newly endowed KAUST chair and SABIC's own well-established exper- tise in catalyst development, a state- ment said.
By endowing the chair, Sabic seeks to create a world-class centre of excellence in polymer catalysis based on a synergistic collaboration between the newly endowed Kaust chair and Sabic's own well-established expertise in catalyst development, a statement said.