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endow (someone or something) with (something)

1. To bestow a monetary donation on someone or something. A wealthy benefactor has endowed the college with a new scholarship.
2. To give or contribute something to someone or something. Rachel's absence this year really endowed the event with a degree of sadness.
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endowed with (something)

Having a certain innate attribute or trait. Meredith has been endowed with so much confidence—I wish I could just hop up on stage like her.
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endow someone or something with something

1. . to give something to someone or something. We endowed her with the courage she needed to do the job. Gerald endowed the proceedings with a distinctive atmosphere.
2. to provide someone or something with a large sum of money that will provide income. I will endow my alma mater with some of my fortune. The family endowed a chair in the humanities at the university.
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Beachy notes that endowing plants with viral-coat-protein genes resembles a long-standing agricultural practice known as classical cross protection, in which scientists inoculate plants with a mild viral strain to prevent a more pathogenic strain from overwhelming a crop.
Plant breeders have already contributed to such "nutritional erosion" by endowing tomatoes with genes for uniform ripening, "self pruning" and other commercially beneficial traits that significantly decrease vitamin C content, Doyle says.