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endow (someone or something) with (something)

1. To bestow a monetary donation on someone or something. A wealthy benefactor has endowed the college with a new scholarship.
2. To give or contribute something to someone or something. Rachel's absence this year really endowed the event with a degree of sadness.
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endowed with (something)

Having a certain innate attribute or trait. Meredith has been endowed with so much confidence—I wish I could just hop up on stage like her.
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endow someone or something with something

1. . to give something to someone or something. We endowed her with the courage she needed to do the job. Gerald endowed the proceedings with a distinctive atmosphere.
2. to provide someone or something with a large sum of money that will provide income. I will endow my alma mater with some of my fortune. The family endowed a chair in the humanities at the university.
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Members and friends of the Society have nearly endowed a fund in memory of Anne Dhu McLucas.
Maximum DBs; Guaranteed DBs; Low Premium to Endow & Carry; Low COIs; Long Term Values
Jackson National Life Jackson Accumulator UL Accumulation Sales; Low Premium to Endow
There are two types of award funds: endowed and non-endowed.
Lincoln National Life SVUL One DB Guarantees; DB Sales; Cash Accumulation; Low Endow Premium; Hybrid Product
Builder and real estate developer Frank Sciame, a CCNY architecture graduate and a member of the award committee, endowed the scholarship.
As the technology advances, genetic engineering should provide a much more efficient way to endow plants with agriculturally and nutritionally important traits than is possible with conventional breeding.
Flexibility; low premium to endow; cash accumulation; maximum retirement income; guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit; rolling targets, guaranteed coverage to age 100
Cuban American Bar Merit Scholarships: The Cuban American Bar Foundation presented the University of Florida College of Law with a $30,000 check to endow a Cuban American Bar Merit Scholarship.
Bernard Vonnegut and Vincent Schaefer Endowed Scholarship
EDMOND The Don Betz Endowed Chair for International Studies has been established at the University of Central Oklahoma to honor retiring President Don Betz.
Here Peover Superior Endowed Primary School, Stocks Lane, Over Peover, WA16 8TU, is put into focus to show its scores in relation to other schools in the area.
The draft indicates three cases in which the authority can sell or replace endowed properties and three tasks the entity must undertake to manage endowments.
The independent Catholic day school, which has been part of the Loughborough Endowed Schools Foundation since September 2015, presently provides places to girls aged 4-18 and boys aged 4-11.
Skaggs Endowed Professor in Health Facilities Design, College of Architecture.