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and back-ender
n. an automobile wreck where one car runs into the back of another. (see also fender-bender.) It wasn’t a bad accident, just a rear-ender. The rain caused a couple of “back-enders,” but there were no serious accidents.


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Could Ender Wiggin's combat experience be a harbinger for military operations in the future?
Though Card may have publicly revealed his own prejudices, the casting department has assembled a wonderfully diverse group of young actors -- male and female, they come in all colors, shapes and sizes -- to serve alongside Ender.
Harrison Ford, as Colonel Hyrum Graff, has words with Asa Butterfield, who plays Ender Wiggin
He and Graff become convinced Ender can lead the International Fleet into a final battle against the insect-like alien Formic forces.
Leazes Ender NEIL says: I've included this because Mr Ender here believes me to be a Liverpool fan.
SET IN A FUTURE WORLD in which the human race faces extinction at the hands of alien "buggers" Orson Scott Card's science fiction novel Ender's Game follows six-year-old Ender Wiggin as he leaves his home, trains as a soldier, and becomes the hero of mankind.
But when the chip installed in her brain malfunctions and Callie awakes in a nightclub where she can hear the voice of her Ender, she discovers that her Ender has a plan for her.
More generally, one can construct a directed network of state names, containing a core of states, any one of which can reach any other (AK AL LA IA WA IN ND and HI), starter states which can be chained to the core but which cannot themselves be reached (for example, Pennsylvania or Minnesota), and ender states which can be reached from the core but which cannot generate a successor (for example, Kansas from Alaska, or Massachusetts from Alabama).
It takes insightful fellow student Ender Wiggin to confront Zeck and help him understand that it's fear of what Zeck's physically abusive father might be doing at home while Zeck is away that is truly upsetting him.
The spirit of preemption preoccupying the military paradigm which is Ender's Game is expressed here by ten-year-old Ender himself when, "crushing the life out of [a] wasp with one finger," he remarks: "These are a nasty breed .
Jericho'' is the network's most-watched show online, followed by ``Survivor'' and ``CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,'' according to CBS spokesman Chris Ender.
In the words of former East Ender Sid Berg, "on an evening, a summer evening .
In a May 13 interview with a Catholic news agency, Archbishop Ender said that it is not necessary to "begin denouncing people" for liturgical abuses.
Ender of the Medical Center of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.
14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Nussbaum Yates Berg Klein & Wolpow, LLP and Want & Ender CPA, P.