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endeavor to (do something)

To work to do or accomplish something. After spending years endeavoring to earn my degree, today is my graduation!
See also: endeavor

endeavor to do something

to try to do something. Whenever I endeavor to console her, she breaks down again. Maria endeavored to comfort Henry.
See also: endeavor
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Maverick Endeavors provides full, outsourced strategy, marketing and sales services to venture enterprises and middle-market organizations.
Stream Theory, a pioneer in games-on-demand, complements Endeavors Technology and holds an early and core patent.
Endeavors Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tadpole Technology plc (www.
It offers businesses a world-class proven solution that changes, in an affordable manner, the dynamics of desktop application delivery, installation, usage and management," said Keith Bigsby, CEO of Endeavors.
Enabling companies like Endeavors and Autodesk to drive solutions into the market faster is a key advantage of embracing the Microsoft Partner ecosystem.
Magi AppExpress provides a client-centric approach to trialware that offers dramatic improvements in scalability and allows Autodesk to reach more users at a lower cost per trial," said Kapi Attawar, VP marketing of Endeavors Technology.
Endeavors Technology previously announced the release of Magi Secure IM for AOL(R) Instant Messenger(R) (AIM), Microsoft's MSN(R) Messenger and Yahoo
Endeavors Technology, a subsidiary of Tadpole Technology plc (LSE:TAD), is a leading developer of Web-enabling solutions for network infrastructures.
Endeavors Technology develops cross-enterprise infrastructure software called Magi(R) which securely networks existing applications and files to or from the desktop.
With Magi Connect integration, documents are never 'out of control,'" said Bernard Hulme, CEO of Endeavors Technology.
As a DSPP partner, Endeavors will leverage HP's programs to develop, promote and deliver new enterprise network solutions.
In a move to accelerate enterprise business advantage from the deployment of automated Web-based services, Tadpole Technology plc today announces that its Endeavors Technology software subsidiary has become a Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV).
Endeavors Technology today announced Magi Secure IM for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and Microsoft's MSN Messenger as the first in a suite of instant messaging products scheduled for release by the secure Web software vendor to bring about full interoperability and corporate governance compliance of popular instant messaging (IM) products.