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endear (oneself, someone, or something) to (someone or something)

To cause one feel affection for oneself, someone, or something. The puppy endeared himself to me the minute he crawled into my lap. I don't think this financial blunder will endear me to the boss.
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endear someone to someone or something

to cause someone to be cherished by someone else or a group. Her good humor endears her to all of us. Sally endears herself to everyone because she is so funny. She failed to endear herself to her husband's parents.
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A Companion described the Prophet, sallallhu 'alayhi wasallam, saying, "I have seen no person more smiling than the Messenger of Allh, sallallhu 'alayhi wasallam." Humbleness, leniency and kindness Nothing endears oneself to people more than dealing with them humbly and leniently.
Thus, there is no contradiction between pleasing Allh, The Almighty, and utilising every possible means to endear oneself to other people.
Umema's fluency in Gujrati, Hindi, Punjabi, Swahili and Urdu further endears her to clients in Floral Park .
He would do his best but, unlike Fash who would look after you, there's a vulnerability about him that I think endears him to us.
Most of us know that every new analysis of urban issues has to repeat facts familiar for decades, and this author endears himself to this reader with his comment that the 1977 Government White Paper on urban regeneration could be mostly repeated without change in 2000.
And that is my point: love endears while lust desires.
It is Yeltsin's willingness to open his country's economy to foreign investment and sell off state enterprises to the West that endears him so to the ruling elite in this country.
Suggesting the names of qualified applicants for a position you're not interested in also endears you to a headhunter.